referral program examples

Listing out 5 Best Examples of Referral Programs

referral program examples

There are a lot of platforms and companies that are in support of referral activities and work on it. But before we start it is important to know about what actually is a referral program?

A referral program is a calculated, systematic way of getting people in mass or huge number to make referrals to your business.

It is mostly those informal referrals that people do which rarely cost much and can be taken advantage.
A referral program is a way of promoting referrals with intentions. Some software is also used by the modern referral programs that keep a track on it, detect and payout the referral rewards.

If you would like to track the performance of your referral campaigns you can do that easily with an analytics app (and much more). Here you can find out why data driven decision can help you grow faster.

It is important to know that what’s common, what’s cutting edge, and what’s a good fit for you?
Referral programs come in all shapes and sizes. You just need to find one that works for your business.

We’ve looked into how companies are driving profitable customer achievement with referral programs. From Uber, PayPal, Dropbox, Evernote we reviewed 5 companies that support referral programs.

Below are some of the best referral programs examples that can give you an idea about how to go and what it takes to reach that stage.

1. Drop box 

dropbox referral

This is an online storage and file transfer service launched a dropbox referral program that rewards its customers. Gives product-based perks that cannot be cashed or monetary.
Dropbox offers an extra 500 MB of free storage space to the customer who makes the referral, and to the newly referred user. The company profit rose directly 60% in 2010.

2. Evernote

evernote referral

Evernote is a popular note-taking software. Evernote runs a double-sided refer-a-friend program that gives people additional space and/or Premium membership.
The program grants points when users successfully refer users and sign-ups and subscriptions, which can be redeemed for increased storage space or free months.

3. Uber

uber referral

Uber is a transportation service provider company, that gives the users a delightful ride to their destination. It also provides the accessibility to mobile app/ online book through applications.
Uber continues to dominate the transportation app scene with their mobile experience. It also supports the customer referral rewards. Uber’s referral campaigns have recently expanded in the field of targeted push notifications and chatbot functionality. Every time a new account is created through a referral both the parties benefit out of it. Uber rewards the consumer with discounted rides and free rides.

Uber runs a Referral Code based referral program, wherein each customer gets a unique code which he can share with his friends.



Airbnb is a travel based company that provides services relating to hotels, accommodations, fine wine, travel. The referral program works when friends click on a referral invite from Airbnb, they’re taken to a webpage that shows them a picture of the friend that shared the referral, to great effect.

A referred friend clicks on their referral link to create a valid Airbnb account that complies with our Terms of Service.

5. Google Apps

google apps

About Google, it is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products which include cloud computing, advertising, software and hardware and many other things.
Basics to earn the reward are just to join, refer, and earn. It just needs to share a word, refer the coupons and earn that is sent directly to the bank account.

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