What Makes Your Business Survive Amidst the Lockdown.

We all are aware of the ongoing deadly virus, COVID 19. COVID 19 is not just killing people, but also killing opportunities for all of us.  It is adversely affecting people, be it a labor class, business class, job-seeking candidates, and, most importantly, our economy.

It’s a sensitive issue that is mentally torturing us. So in this crisis, we have to be together.

We should be empathetic with customers, employees, and even with those who need our help in the time of crisis.

Since this problem is worldwide, so we have to be careful while planning our market strategies.

In this article, we will study what should be the precautions businesses need to take during a lockdown?

Lockdown has affected our economy very severely. Prices are strikingly high; people are finding it hard to earn money.

Amidst the lockdown, if you want your business to survive, then follow this simple guide.

1. Don’t Promote Images or Content Against the Quarantine.

images against the quarantine

Quarantine is the only way to fight against this virus. People are strictly following the lockdown, and we should support them in this quarantine.

So don’t promote pictures in which there is a crowd, and people are in physical contact with each other like handshaking, hugging.

2. Don’t Sound Selfish While Promoting.

don't promote yourself

Since quarantine or lockdown is stressful for everyone, so don’t pitch for your business only. While promoting keep everyone together and share precautions or best advice for COVID 19.

3. Positive Market Approach.

Positive market approach

Positivity is the only key to make people engage with you. Keep spreading positive facts about the lockdown. Use for products to promote a positive impact on people. Don’t make it sound like an emotional message. Use a positive and interactive approach to deal with it.

4. Your Approach Should be Employee-Centric.

Employee Centric Approach

Business success is dependent on its employees’ satisfaction. And in this lockdown period, it is vital to work shoulder to shoulder with your employees. Everyone is doing work from home, take it as a positive way of doing work. Keep updating your audience about your experience of work from home. Share positive thoughts with your audience while promoting. Keep sales pitch at a moderate level.

When everything has been under lockdown, how can you still manage to make your plan active, and how can you help society to survive?

See, online marketing is not new, but it is the only way to promote your business without stepping out of your house. Even people can hear you while sitting at home.

There are different ways to promote your business online. But if you want something that not only helps your business but also engages your customer. Then referral marketing is such a good option.

You should keep these do’s and dont’s about referral marketing in this lockdown situation.

1. Appropriately Ask Them.

Appropriately ask them

Because we all are under a panic situation due to the spreading of this virus, one must use the right way to inform their customer about any campaign. Positively motivate them. Give them a reason to share your message with their friends and family. Give them benefits but on a positive note.

Suppose you can launch a program in which you can ask them to refer their friends and family. 

And if their friends get themselves register with the company.

Then the company will be donating $5 in funds that will be using to fight against COVID 19.

If you launch a campaign like this, people will not only engage with you but also feel motivated. Because of their registration, they are helping others as well.

2. Share Real Facts with your Customers.

Rumors and fake news have heated the market in this tough situation, and it is adversely affecting the people’s thinking. So, while promoting your brand, you can share real facts with the customers. Do encourage them to follow the right news, aware of the fake news and rumors. People will start following you if you give them real facts because the real story will build trust among the customers.

3. Don’t Create Pressure on your Advocates.

People like it when you keep updating them, but don’t create pressure on your advocates to refer your products. Keep your approach smooth and straightforward. When you ask your customers to do something for you, then don’t make them feel like they are doing the whole thing.

 Share your side of the story with them. Let people know how your business is making decisions for employees, how they are contributing to the welfare of the society, and how they are trying to make their services better amidst the lockdown.

In this blog, we have learned how we can make our business survive despite lockdown challenges. We also have seen the role of referral program not only as a market promoter but also as a contributor to society.

One must keep this thing in mind that lockdown is not permanent. Positivity is the only key to do something different to keep yourself active and happy. 

Don’t believe the fake news! Keep yourself busy and energetic.

Use your energy to learn some new skills.

Stay safe and stay at home.


Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals. She writes SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. She follows a balanced approach for the quality of content and its marketing. She loves to do creativity, although she had an English major in her graduation.