AWS Technology Infrastructure used by InviteReferrals


InviteReferrals is the simplest tool to launch Referral Rewards Program. InviteReferrals seamlessly integrates with the client website and Facebook fan page, it’s widget must therefore handle the entire traffic of multiple websites seeing millions of monthly pageviews. Furthermore, data handled by us is customer rewards information and is critical in nature (one may not want to surprise their customers with lost credits or incentives). This is why we opted to use Amazon web services as InviteReferrals technology infrastructure, trusted by some of the biggest companies like dropbox and Instagram. Amazon has also been very generous to provide us with dedicated support to use the infrastructure.

We use the following Amazon AWS services:

  • EC2 – Server instances
  • RDS – Database Management (High Backup Redundancy across multiple centres)
  • S3 – Simple Storage Service to store images(Multi centre Backup)
  • Cloudfront – A content delivery network for low latency (Page load time)
  • Route 53
  • SES – Transactional Email delivery
  • SNS – Notification System
  • Developer paid support

We are a fan of spot instances of Amazon. They are a cheap way of doing large-scale compute-intensive work. We use the Amazon Auto-scaling API to spawn and terminate spot instances based on the current CPU utilisation of the auto-scaling group. This roughly translates to “Scale up if more requests are coming and scale down when lesser requests are coming”. We use CloudFront CDN which has multiple delivery networks across continents to provide the best load times and high availability.

Considering the strategic importance of aws cloud migration, it becomes pivotal to ensure the infrastructure is not only robust but also capable of adapting to dynamic market demands and technological advancements.

The use of RDS ensures that our database is backed up regularly across multiple continents. This ensures speedy recovery incase the system breaks because of unforeseen reasons.

We use S3 to store images, Route 53 for our DNS requirement and SES for sending out emails and mail reports to our customers.

We are thankful for Amazon Developer’s paid support plan. The responses from the team have been prompt, courteous and technically superior. AWS provides a highly reliable and redundant infrastructure to run our services to clients.


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