A Definative Guide On Visual Marketing 2021

An Ultimate Guide On Visual Marketing.

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about leveraging the potential of visual marketing strategy and visual user-generated content to engage users with brand promotions and activities.

2021 is all about visual marketing strategies for brands and marketers. Today, visuals’ importance is skyrocketing, given social media’s penetration into all phases of human life.

It offers an incredible opportunity in front of the e-commerce industry to incorporate visuals into their marketing strategies. 

74% of marketers use visuals in their content strategy. It indicates the importance of visual content marketing strategy in the growth of any online business.

What Is Visual Marketing?

What Is Visual Marketing in 2021


With the steady progression of content marketing, marketers have to embrace new trends and strategies. Fast forward to 2021; viewers fancy content that is enticing, attractive, and dynamic at the same time. 

To fulfill the customers’ expectations, marketers require to add fascinating images & videos in their marketing strategy. 

Statistics reveal that 80% of marketers practice visual marketing strategy in their social media marketing activities. 

Marketers use this strategy to get benefits from their online business. You may not realize it now, but the number of impressions particularly relevant visuals included in your blog or website can blow your mind.

Let’s move forward and learn more about the visual marketing strategies and examine the benefits of leveraging this approach into your marketing plans.

Most Effective Visual Marketing Strategies

Visual Marketing strategy comprises a set of ideas and tactics that use visuals as an indispensable element of your marketing campaign. 

1. Let Your Customers Tell Your Brand Story

Let Your Customers Tell Your Brand Story

As they say, if you want to keep someone happy, make them the centre of attraction. So, that is what you have to do with your customers. Let them be your brand journey centre.

Let their voice express your story. Include images and videos to share your genuine customers’ brand experiences on your eCommerce website’s homepage, product page, dedicated pages, etc. 

That’s how you can establish a credible brand image where your customers advocate for your brand through their great brand experience stories.

2. Provide A User-Friendly Experience

website to attract customers

There are other factors that also contribute to the building of a strong Visual Marketing Platform. An important factor is a user-friendly interface for your website.

When you incorporate visuals as part of your website’s content, you raise the likelihood of your website visitors’ customer engagement

Allow your customers to have a personalized experience through images and videos at your eCommerce outlet that makes them revisit your online store for their further shopping session.

3. Being Mobile-Responsive Should Be Your Priority

Being Mobile-Responsive Should Be Your Priority

Being a mobile-responsive visual marketing approach is no more an added feature but inevitable to survive the competition. 

With 54% of total visitors being mobile-driven and 30% of the total purchases being done through mobile phones, your Visual Commerce platform has to be mobile-responsive if it aims to succeed. 

Your visuals must be adjusted enough to suit different mobile screens, considering the app design cost. Make buying a few clicks tasks for your users. So, make sure you optimize your visual content to make it fit & seamless for mobile users.

4. Design A Visually-Engaging Consumer Journey

Design A Visually-Engaging Consumer Journey

Be your customers’ friends throughout their shopping journey on your Visual Commerce website. When your customers visit your website, they may not very well know what they want to buy. So, guide them throughout their shopping journey through visuals guidance.

Put relevant visuals of customer reviews and testimonials on your homepage to gain users’ trust in the first place. 

Next, locate high-quality visuals on other web pages to represent the products better. It enables your users to visualize your products better and make informed decisions while making the purchase. 

5. Turn Your Social Into Sales

Turn Your Social Into Sales

A visual marketing platform can assist you in turning your branded or user-generated social media content to gain user trust and improve eCommerce sales.

Shoppable Posts are today’s trends that you can build with visual marketing platforms. They support you close the distance between discovery and purchase. 

All you have to do is find your earned media over the internet, tag your products with these social posts, and install them on your Visual Commerce website.

That’s it. Marketing products by making your user-generated social media posts into shoppable social media content is an excellent way to earn user trust and drive them to the ultimate point of purchase, that too, on your website. It bypasses the need for redirecting your users to various pages to buy a product. It limits confusion and abandonment of products in carts.

6. Employ UGC Marketing

User-Generated Content is the most important element of any visual content marketing strategy. UGC Marketing is the most reliable way to use a visual marketing strategy in your brand promotion strategy. 

UGC, i.e., User-Generated Content, also known as your earned media, combines visual marketing strategy wealth like social media posts, images, videos, testimonials, comments, etc.

These are designed willfully by the users themselves. Hence, they are the most reliable form of brand marketing. They are attractive, engaging, and relevant visuals that improve your brand marketing to a completely different level.

7. Stronger is the Community; Better Is The Brand Loyalty

Captivate your customers with brand activities, thereby building a community around your brand. The more active this community is, the better is your users’ engagement with your eCommerce brand, and the more faithful the customers are. 

This community is the one you can add on when it comes to creating advocates for your credibility and the great quality of your services and products.

These are your social proof. Make this community stronger by supporting brand activities, contests, creative art submissions as per your brand requirement. These submitted visual entries can also be utilized as your user-generated content. Viewing product review videos using reliable video review software is preferred 4X more times than reading product review feedback.

8. Alignment With Brand Image & Identity

Visuals are pleasant, and you are excited to use them in your marketing strategy, but doing so without proper consideration and alignment can lead to adverse outcomes for your visual marketing strategy.

The important point to consider is that people associate your promoted colours, themes, images, videos, etc., with your brand like you associate red colour with Coca-cola immediately.

So, you have to make the visual content strategically align with your brand theme and identity. Focusing on this will encourage you to build a powerful presence among consumers and facilitate brand recognition through visuals.

9. Visuals Mean Social

It is the most important element of visual marketing, social media platforms. If you require to strongly carry out a visual campaign, social media needs to be its nervous system.

A number of users globally log in to their social media profiles every day and consume content, particularly visuals. This is why Instagram & YouTube are the two most popular platforms.

It is crucial that you administer your visual content marketing plan on a major social profile and even leverage the social visual content on other marketing channels through a visual marketing platform.

Advantages Of Visual Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a small business looking to set up your Social Commerce platform or a well-established enterprise gaining revenue from its Visual Commerce store, visual content marketing carries importance for every business with an aspiration to have an online presence.

1. Create Exclusive Brand Identity

When we talk about the visual era of marketing, marketers have employed this concept to give their brands unique identity. Visual content represents the brand. 

It supports the brands to spotlight their products to get the customer’s attention. 

Customizing your branded content with interesting and attractive visuals has changed the way consumers perceive the brand product. This visual content gives your brand a reliable image.

The “Swoosh” or tick sign is automatically connected with Nike or red-colored drinks related to Coca-Cola. So, visuals become a brand identity.

2. Allow The Perfect Storytelling

With the passing of time, consumers have reduced their desire to absorb written one-dimensional content. Instead, they have converted into visual content addicts. 

Visual content marketing reveals the product story rather than explaining it in words. As it is right that visuals attract emotions and better engagement, this, combined with a perfect brand or campaign storyline, can significantly influence consumers.  To tell a more compelling and engaging story, consider incorporating an AI voice generator to reach broader audiences.

The stories or a visual journey explain how a product came into existence, its real-life use, how it ignites emotions, and how users can relate more easily. 

According to statistics,

  • People retain 20% of what they READ and 650% of what they SEE.
  • Customer testimonials with vibrant images result in a 102% rise in emotions.

3. Grab Your Users Attention Immediately

As you understand, humans can grab an image quicker than textual content. It is what visual content does. It seizes the attention of the customers and retains them for a more extended period. 

According to statistics,

  • People follow the purchase funnel 323% better with text and visuals as compared to text only.
  • Users are 80% likely to read your content if it’s presented in visual form.
  • Customers who see a product video are 85% more likely to buy that product.

Visual marketing is quite impactful on customer engagement with brands. The customer’s attention span is reducing gradually, and visual marketing captures your user’s attention. 

4. Express More & Connect Better

By producing visual content, marketers can improve the shareability of the content. Visual content connects with the emotions of the customers and makes them feel sympathetic about the product.

Long texts are tedious and tiresome, which does not connect much with the audience other than visual content. In this image-addict world, consumers find it easy and comfortable to communicate via images and videos, making the whole process hassle-free.

5. More Relatable & Authentic With UGC

More Relatable & Authentic With UGC

Utilizing User-Generated Content as your visual helps the customers improve their loyalty to the brand and build trust towards its products.

 Users can relate better to images & videos that have been uploaded by people like them based on their true experiences, satisfaction levels, value-based opinions, and more.

Visual content displaying customers with branded products proves that the brands and make them look genuine. It supports the brands to attract new customers.

Brands can showcase the content by their users to get popularity and improve their relationship with the customers. It adds to the credibility of the brands and hence makes them more credible and trustworthy.

6. Activates More Clicks & Higher Conversions

The benefits mentioned above are all important to the journey that drives a consumer to conversions. Content is perceived to be highly crucial to convince consumers to make a purchase. 

When you apply an engaging visual marketing strategy, it increases conversions’ possibilities even more as the user engagement increases, audience reach intensifies, more information is delivered, and even more relatability & authenticity are established through visual content. 

So, if you efficiently leverage visual content in your marketing, it can help you increase your conversion rate and make more revenue. 

Visual content has more potential to drive conversions by creating an engaging call-to-action. Therefore, it is a much better way to boost sales. 


These are some of the most powerful Visual marketing strategies that will support you grow your Visual Commerce business in 2021. 

Start including visuals into your content marketing strategy and see the astonishing results by yourself.

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1. What are the types of visual marketing?

The most popular types of visual marketing are
a) Images and graphics.
b) Infographics
c) Videos.
d) Banners
e) GIFs.

2. What is visual content marketing?

Visual content marketing means using images to share valuable information in an attractive visual format. It allows you to attract people to your website, cause, and offers.


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