Referral Software for Salesforce


Launching Referral Software for Salesforce is very simple with If you are not signed up with InviteReferrals already, you’ll need to do so. Please sign up and create a referral campaign for your Salesforce. Sign up for free now !!

Follow these steps to integrate with Salesforce:

1. Connect with InviteReferrals Salesforce App

Click the following link to connect with salesforce and give api access permission.

2. Integrate tracking pixel to track Referral Conversions

Get your InviteReferrals tracking pixel from the documentation section -> Referral Tracking Pixel. First login to the invitereferrals site and then copy the static tracking pixel so that the secret keys are already prefilled.

Also replace the following two variables in the tracking code you have copied:

a) Replace {Unique tracking number like orderID or customerID} with the lead id

b) Replace {email address of customer} with email address of newly generated lead

InviteReferrals Tracking Pixel

Aman Gupta

Co-founder, The product guy at inviteReferrals. Ensures that the best industry practices are built right into your customer referral program.