merination referral program

How Meritnation used referral solution to increase registrations

maxresdefault used referral program as a very effective and low cost channel to increase registrations. set up a referral program to increase registrations on it’s site. The site visitor can refer his friends and get a $10 coupon for every 10 registrations through his referral. Since every visitor is very likely to have a social circle consisting people of his own demography. This was a very effective way to reach target audience.


Goal : To increase registrations on website

Incentive : $10 coupon for every 10 referral registrations

Results :  500K target audience reached through friend invites in 3 months resulting in a low customer acquisition cost

Points of Integration

Success of the referral program software is directly proportional to it’s visibility and promotion. Itimes integrated the referral program on it’s website as a floating referral button. They could have increased the referral program performance multifold by including it in the mailers as well.

1. Referral program integration on itimes site



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