30+ Attractive Referral Slogans to Boost Your Referral Program

30+ Attractive Referral Slogans to Boost Your Referral Program

What’s the secret to a successful business? Word-of-mouth marketing is key. Make your customers refer their friends and family; you’re on your way to business success. Use catchy referral slogan ideas to leverage most of the referral program. In this blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about referral slogans.

What is a referral slogan?

A referral slogan is also termed a referral headline or catchphrase. In layman’s language, it is a phrase or quote that explains the advantages of joining a program.

It’s typically the catchphrase used to capture interest in your referral program. For instance, you may use the referral slogan when advertising the program via email or online. 

This slogan usually pushes people to your program landing page, where they can learn more about the program and sign up. It’s also catchy referral phrases that will let word of mouth flow.

Why you need a catchy referral slogan

A referral slogan is a great way to gain attention and get people curious about your referral program. Your slogan serves as a tell-all for you. It can give someone a broad idea of what’s expected and what they will get from it.

You’ll likely want to showcase your referral program everywhere you can. But you most likely don’t like to discuss it in-depth in your promotions. The referral slogan can assist you in covering the main points of your program without overwhelming viewers.

You will probably see a referral slogan used in these scenarios and a CTA to the signup page…

  • In an email invitation
  • Shared by the brand on social media
  • On the main homepage
  • As an ad

If you consider it, the referral slogan will increase your word of mouth. As it’s the catchy phrase that will help prompt people to sign up for your program and share that you

Components of a referral slogan you must remember

Now that you know what a referral slogan is, it’s time to learn the components that make it up. Remember that these types of slogans are rather short. However, they are usually filled with information.

Part 1: Defines the incentive

If a referral program gives an incentive, you’ll likely notice it in the slogan. People are immediately captivated by the dollar signs or the word free.

Part 2: Tells how to achieve the incentive

If the incentive is mentioned, you’ll likely say how to earn it. One word alone can cover this component, for instance, “give” or “share”.

Part 3 includes the reason for the referral program

This component usually helps explain why the person should refer to “Don’t keep us a secret” or “Be a hero”, etc., in this sense. These kinds of statements can be integrated with the above-mentioned parts to design an insightful slogan that reflects your motto.

Referral Slogans You Should Consider For your Campaign

  • Get [benefit] by inviting your friends to [brand]!
  • Get paid to work with your friends.
  • Get rewarded for referring your friends.
  • Give X, Get Y.
  • Give your friends the gift of a career.
  • Got Friends?
  • Have You Heard?
  • Hello…It leads to what we’re looking for…
  • Help Us Catch A Rising Star!
  • Help us Find New Talent.
  • Help Us Get The Word Out.
  • Help Us Help You!
  • Introduce Us: Tell your friends about [brand], and we’ll give them [benefit]! Plus, we’ll give you [benefit]!
  • Invite a friend, and you each get [benefit].
  • Invite friends to [brand]!
  • Invite friends, get [benefit].
  • Invite Your Friends.
  • It Pays To Have Friends.
  • It’s A Win/Win!
  • Join our Referral Program.
  • Know Risk. Know Reward.
  • Let’s Help Each Other!
  • Low Price. High Reward.
  • Make Life Rewarding.
  • Make Money By Referring Your Friends.
  • Nothing Attracts Rewards Faster.
  • One Good Lead Deserves Another.
  • One more benefit of friendship.
  • Our Way Of Saying… Thank You!
  • Peace is its Own Reward.
  • Real People. Real Work. Real Rewards.
  • Reap the Rewards of Money.
  • Refer & Earn.
  • Refer a friend, and both get [benefit].
  • Refer a friend and earn [benefit] over and over, paid via PayPal!
  • Refer A Friend And Get Some Cash To Spend.
  • We’d Like To Meet Your Friends.
  • Sharing Is Caring.
  • Referral Madness.
  • Pass It On!
  • Refer A Friend. Refer to the Family. Refer Talent.
  • Refer, and you shall receive.
  • Refer to your friends. Get rewarded.
  • Rural Recruits. Urban Rewards.
  • Share The Love.
  • Spread The Word.
  • Start Someone’s Life.
  • Tell your friends about [brand], and you both get rewards
  • Tell your friends about us and get [benefit].
  • This Is How We Roll.
  • Unleash Your Power.
  • We Love Referrals!
  • We Need Your Talent.
  • We’re Looking For Good Friends…Just Like You!
  • We’re looking for other customers like you.
  • Who Should You Reward?
  • You can help us ‘Pick the team.’
  • You Love Us. So Share with Us!
  • We Appreciate Your Referrals.
  • Tell Your Friends.


After reading this blog, you may have got some idea about referral slogans. Make sure you get some inspiration from above mentioned referral slogans. Referrals can take your business to the next level. So, don’t miss any opportunity to make the most of it.



Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals. She writes SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. She follows a balanced approach for the quality of content and its marketing. She loves to do creativity, although she had an English major in her graduation.