Enterprise Custom Facebook Referral App


Why you need a custom FB Referral App

By configuring custom Referral facebook App, you will get custom facebook connect popups and self branded Facebook feed. You will also get in depth analytics of how your program is performing on social graph. Here is a sample custom facebook connect view.

Facebook Referral App

Steps To create custom tagNpin Referral FB App

1. Register your Facebook App

2. Configuring your App Settings

3. App Details – logos and description.

4. Configure tagNpin with Custom app

1. Register your App

Goto : https://developers.facebook.com/apps and Click on Create New App button on the right.

Regester app

Please note you must have verified your Facebook account to create apps on Facebook. Click here for more information on verifying your account.

A Dialog Box will pop up. It will ask you three things :

App Name : Your Application Name ( It can be anything)

App Namespace : It is used for defining the URL for Facebook App. It must be unique. For example, If your namespace is tagnpinrefapp” , then your Facebook App URL will look like this: https://apps.facebook.com/tagnpinrefapp/

Web Hosting: leave it unselected.

2. Configuring your App

Now, Facebook will generate your unique APP ID and APP SECRET which you would add to tagNpin admin panel.  Once you’ve created a Facebook app, select the “App on Facebook” section and specify a Canvas and Secure Canvas URL:


Fields which are necessary to make your app work :

(i) App Domains: enter “ref-r.com“.

Sandbox Mode:

(ii) Website with Facebook Login: Enter your site url. “http://www.yoursite.com/“.

(iii) App on Facebook : In this , there are two things,

Canvas URL: enter https://www.ref-r.com/web/ecLoyalty?brandid=yourBrandID. Replace yourBrandID with your tagNpin brandID. Click here to find your brandID.

Secure Canvas URL: enter https://www.ref-r.com/web/ecLoyalty?brandid=yourBrandID. Replace yourBrandID with your tagNpin brandID. Click here to find your brandID.

Example : https://www.ref-r.com/web/ecLoyalty?brandid=337

Canvas Width:
Canvas Height:

(iV) CLick Save changes.

3. App Details

(i) Enter your basic App details as shown below

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.12 AM


 (ii) Upload your brand logo’s as shown below.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.28 AM

Save changes.

4. Configure tagNpin

Enter the AppID and AppSecret of the facebook app here and update.


Your Facebook Referral app is now configured.

Enterprise Referral Coupon landing page FLow

Referral program landing page on referral link click


Referral program – Give coupon, if successful referral


Referral program – Not a new referral


Enterprise Screen shots of Program widgets

Website Widget – Customer dashboard


Floating Bar website widget



Website Iframe widget


Facebook Customer Dashboard App


Customer Dashboard on mobile


Enterprise Referral Email Templates

Referral Program Enrollment Template



Referral Friend Invite Mail



Referral Reward Mail


Enterprise Referral program overview

Step 1: Invite




Referral Invite Mail

After Mike makes a purchase or enrolls on brand reward program, he receives an email inviting him to share and earn via referral program. The email contains a customizable message and is branded with your brand’s logo.





Personal Referral dashboard

The email also tells Mike how to get to his Referral dashboard. His Referral dashboard is a web page that Mike can always come back to when he wants to refer friends, or manage rewards. There is also javascript widget that brand can install on their website.




Step 2 : Get Recommended


Referral link


Mike’s Referral dashboard and referral email both contain a unique referral link . He recommends your store to his friends by sharing this referral link through emails, social networks, or online chats.



Social Sharing buttons

He can also use the social sharing section in his Referral dashboard or referral email to share his referral link on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter instantly.


Step 3: Make a sale


Landing Page

Mike’s friends get to know about your brand when they see the referral link being shared. They click the link and are brought to a landing page with a coupon code that they can use at brand store.


Successful Referral

His friends use the button on the landing page to go to brand store and make purchase using coupon code. Brand now has new customers from a referral!


Step 4: Reward


Reward Email

The tagnpin app detects the successful referral, and sends Mike an email to let him know that he has earned a referral reward. Rewards are set by the brand, and can be coupon codes, or points that can be redeemed against multiple reward options.


Reward Preferences

If he hasn’t already done so, Mike logs into his Referral dashboard to to check his coupons any time. He can also redeem his points against a reward of his choice.


Why Loyalty Programs

Why Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is not something new and has been around for ages now. But with the advent of social media and new communication channels, there are many new ways to define loyalty. Earlier there were no metrics for word of mouth marketing. Now brands can quantify the buzz created by the loyal customers through tweets, shares, likes and checkins across Facebook, twitter or foursquare.
The impact created by a like of a close friend would be much more than a pamphlet one come’s across a newspaper or a television advertisement. Going by the stats, we generally need to hear or read about a brand atleast 6 times to make a good impression about it. When we see 3 of our friends liking a page, we get more inquisitive to know about a brand and this slowly paves way to a network effect.
What is the need of a loyalty program?
Lot of times people feel that their brand does not need a loyalty program. The quality of the product will be sufficient enough to drive the sales, so why make extra efforts. They are right, the quality of the product is the key to success, loyalty can only grow the topline. But it serves many more purposes. Here I list the four primary purposes.
1. Customer data Acquisition
Lack of access to customer data is primarily a problem for offline retailers and not E-commerce vendors. Enrolling customers into loyalty gives them access to this vital data. This comes very handy for communicating new deals and offers to the high potential customers. Besides, it gives good idea about the target customer demography. This data when combined with analytics can reveal great insights.
2. Locking customer through cash cards
Here the brands gives out prepaid cards loaded with discounts. This locks the customer for repeat sales and ensures loyalty. True that an already loyal customer is more likely to opt for such cash cards. But it brings in reverse capital and increases the frequency of the visits.
3. Creating social buzz
With the advent of social media, brands can reward their customers for sharing experiences in their social graph acting as hyper local marketing channel. This is the new form of word of mouth marketing and much more powerful.
4. Increasing Repeat Sales
The prospects of discount drives repeat purchase. This is all the more relevant for elite, and expensive brands and industries like airlines.
As evident from above, loyalty may not directly lead to repeat sales but the buzz or insights gained through the data acquired, can help the brands target their customers more effectively and drive sales. In the next article I will talk more about changing loyalty trends and how social media is playing a big role in the same.Siddharth Gupta, Founder at tagNpin Social Loyalty | Linkedin