20 Creative Giveaway Ideas to Grow Your Business

20 Creative Giveaway Ideas to Grow Your Business

Do you want to stand out among your competitors and boost engagement with your customers? Giveaways are an effective way to grow your business. They’re fun, create lots of user interaction, and bring more people in contact with your brand. But coming up with great giveaway ideas can be hard.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of 20 creative giveaway ideas that will help jumpstart the growth of any business! From running engaging contests on social media to creating custom promotional products for customers who spend above a certain amount – these unique giveaways can take your promotions to the next level.

Best Creative Giveaway Ideas To Grow Your Business

1. Hashtag Contests

 Hashtag Contests

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and is ideal for incentivizing the creation of user-generated content with contests or giveaways. You can run giveaways that get users to submit hashtagged photos following established criteria, and you can pick winners randomly or based on their submission’s merit.

This kind of giveaway is highly pleasing. It will help boost your consumer relationships and yield a ton of powerful branded content shared across social media, showcasing your brand and products to a wide new audience in a highly authentic and engaging way.

2. Spin the Wheel Business Giveaway Ideas

Spin the Wheel Business Giveaway Ideas

A spin-the-wheel contest is one of the creative giveaway ideas that leads to nurturing customer loyalty.

In this, participants need to enter their email addresses for a chance to spin the prize wheel and be in with the chance of winning. It’s an amusing way for entrants to participate; if they win, the sense of achievement will make them feel amazing.

3. Product Launch Giveaway

One of the best ways to create a buzz around a new product is to run a promotional giveaway before the product launch. The prize can be an advance copy of the product.

Doing a contest like this can support you in building a stronger customer relationship. After all, they’ll have an opportunity of getting their hands on something no one else has yet. Just make sure you glorify the giveaway effectively. 

4. Referral contest

Referral contest

Referral contests are similar to “Tag a Friend” but far beyond social media platforms. In a referral contest, customers give their friends and family members a unique code to use when making purchases. The referrer gets free tickets or entries for the giveaway each time their referral code is redeemed.

This contest allows you to spread the word about your giveaway and brand and offers your loyal customers a strong incentive to promote your brand. 

5. Ebook, guide, or white paper

Ebooks, guides, and white papers are giveaway prizes, letting you set your brand as a trusted representative in your industry.  Website visitors who are early in the sales funnel usually need more information before making a purchase. Offering useful knowledge from resources like these can be a great move.

An ebook can expand a blog post, which you can boost as a “content upgrade.” This performs well because it shows your blog readers more in-depth content about a topic they already know they’re interested in. One advantage of ebooks is that once you put in the initial effort of writing them, you don’t have to dedicate much time to them afterwards. 

6. Limited Time

Giveaways for a limited time are a great way to create a sense of urgency amongst your audience. For instance, a high-value and desirable prize, associated with limited time to enter the contest, makes people worry they will miss out, prompting them to enter. Add a countdown timer into the mix, and people will scramble to participate.

7. Free trial or sample

Free trial or sample

Customers are always curious to try products, services, or software before spending money on them.

Giving away a free sample indicates that you stand behind your product. Even a small sample or a trial with an end date offers visitors a strong reason to sign up for your email list or use your service.

This strategy is particularly important for SaaS businesses since it’s one of the primary ways to capture leads.

8. Discount


Many ecommerce businesses can’t afford to ship out samples for free. Another way of this giveaway idea is to offer a discount for first-time shoppers. We all love discounts, and most people are used to offering their email addresses in exchange for them. If potential customers compare your products to one of your competitors, presenting a discount can give you an edge.

There are several ways to create a discount giveaway. One such way is to offer free shipping instead of a discount on your product. Shipping costs are one of the greatest barriers to buying online, so showing free shipping to your potential customers is a no-brainer.

9. Contest


Contests get people enthusiastic about your brand and your products. Everyone likes to try their luck, and once you’ve run a few contests, your customers will likely visit your website for the next giveaway.

Conducting contests around the holidays or other special events is a wonderful way to get your potential and existing customers to think about your brand as a gift solution.

Throughout the contest, you’ll constantly market yourself to visitors and get them pumped about the opportunity to win a free giveaway. This level of marketing usually encourages people to make a purchase even if they don’t win the contest.

10. Like and comment to win.

Inviting your followers to like and comment on a post to enter a contest is one of the best Instagram giveaway ideas. You can also ask customers to employ a branded hashtag in their comments to win a gift.

This idea works well because it’s convenient for people to join and brings much social media engagement. Additionally, the list of customers’ social media accounts makes it effortless for you to keep track of everything. Win-win.

11. Let friends get in on the fun.

Motivate your followers to tag their friends in your comments section or send their friends your giveaway details via direct message. Word-of-mouth suggestions from friends and family are trusted and valued, so tapping into your brand advocates will help boost your giveaway’s awareness.

12. Tell a Story

People like the opportunity to tell a story, so why not utilize this as a way for people to join your giveaway? This is a useful way for small business owners to cause a buzz. Especially if the stories people tell are about the services you deliver.

Have people join the contest by sharing how they first heard about you. Or the story could be about how your product or service helps them better their lives. You can then pick a winner based on the most persuasive story or pick a winner randomly.

13. Pick a new Logo

If you want to engage your audience, let them decide for you.

Choosing a new logo, for example, is challenging. But getting your audience into it makes them feel more invested and plays a significant part in securing their loyalty.

You can make this happen by posting the various logo options and polling your audience for their favourite version. Then the logo with the most votes will be the winner.

As a thank you to everyone who voted for the winning choice, you could offer a gift card to spend on your site.

14. Answer Brand Trivia

Another giveaway idea is to pitch your customers against each other in a brand trivia giveaway. This is an ideal way to determine who your most loyal fans are and offers a way to reward them for that loyalty.

First, put together a checklist of questions about your business. Then ask participants to submit their responses which you can easily do with the Answer a Question Action. Then you can choose the winner from all the right answers.

15. Spot the Difference

Another interesting giveaway idea is asking people to spot the difference between 2 almost identical images. This is especially useful if your business offers graphic-heavy products or services. Design agencies, for example, would have no problem putting this contest together. And it offers the right opportunity for your team to show off their skills.

The person who spots the most differences could win a money-off coupon code or even a free design session.

16. Online Quizzes

Ask website visitors to take part in an online quiz to win. It’s a delightful way to boost engagement and gain new insights into your target audience. Quizzes are typically designed as personality tests, scored knowledge tests, or multiple choice assessments. These formats get different results for your brand. 

A personality test, for instance, can assist you in developing richer customer profiles by asking in-depth questions. Scored knowledge tests allow you to understand how much a participant knows about your products and industry. And a multiple-choice test can help tell your product development and customer service. 

Likewise, small businesses can improve their exposure by reading the “most answered” or “most viewed” results. Check results to see who took your quiz and when, their scores, performance, and more. 

17. Name the Product

Allow one lucky winner to name a new product. This lets your business comprehend how well your target market identifies your store and brand. There are two methods to structure this contest: ask users to submit photos, videos, or other content and allow the winner to choose the name.

 Or, you could invite users to submit their names, ask their social network to vote for their idea, and give away a prize to the person whose idea is the most popular. 

When you host this contest, you set explicit naming parameters and guidelines. 

18. Tag a friend

 “Tag a Friend” is another giveaway idea for running a social media giveaway, and it’s quite popular as an Instagram giveaway.

To enter your contest, your followers must tag one or more friends in a comment. This helps build brand awareness as more people get tagged on your contest post. You’ll probably get numerous new followers due to this social media giveaway idea.

19. Share this post

This kind of social media giveaway needs your followers to share your post. This is a simple tactic, but it’s quite powerful.

When a customer shares a post, all their followers will notice it, which can indicate huge impression numbers on your post. This kind of exposure grabs a lot of attention.

20. Photo caption contest

Photo caption contests are fun to cause more engagement on your social media platforms.

The idea behind a photo caption contest is that you ask your followers to share the perfect caption for a picture you post. It’s a wonderful chance for your customers to employ their creativity, and you’ll be amazed at the gems they come up with!  You can choose the winner or ask your followers to like their favourite caption.


There you have it – 20 easy and creative giveaway ideas that you can use to help grow your business. Giveaways are a great way to generate interest in your product or service, while also building brand awareness and loyalty. So what are you waiting for? Get started planning your next giveaway today!

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