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Loyalty Programs vs. Referral Program

A loyalty program and a Referral program are two different things. They differ from each other in a lot of ways but have some similarities too. Further in this blog, we will learn about both the differences and the similarities and what should you consider for your business.

I have a question for you all. What do you more focus on, getting new customers or retaining the old ones?

Both are equally important. But in the hustle of attracting new customers, we all sometimes get lost and forget to engage our existing customers. Thus, we should consider implementing such programs in our business. Why? Because they engage existing customers and make them bring new ones. The existing customers—the advocates should be appreciated and rewarded often for their loyalty.

Why Referral and Loyalty Program for your business?

Both referral and loyalty program is considered to sway away customers by rewarding them. In referral programs, customers get the reward for referring a business to their friends. In loyalty programs, the customer gets the reward for being with the business for the longest term showing their trust and loyalty. Both marketing strategies are widely used to retain customers and getting new ones on board. These marketing don’t cost much and give out the best outcomes.

A word from a friend impacts more on people rather than hearing the same from a sales representative or an advertisement.

If happy customers will go bragging about your business to their friends, their friends too will join your army. This is the power of good referral/loyalty programs. People will find their way to the benefits.

Loyalty program vs Referral program

What is best for my business?

Both carry good benefits for your business. You want to increase your sales and get a strong customer base without spending much. These are the programs that you should consider implementing in your business. Still, confused? Read more on the Loyalty Program.

Implementing any of the programs will strengthen your relationship with your customers and have long term benefits.

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