PowerStores Referral Widget Integration



First you would need to signup on InviteReferrals in order to get the code specific to your website/e-store . Sign up for free now !! . Then create a referral campaign in the inviteReferrals panel.


Follow these steps to add InviteReferrals integration code to your store:

General integration

1. Login to your InviteReferrals admin panel and get your InviteReferrals Static javascript integration code from the documentation section -> Javascript code.

2. Login to your powerstores workspace. Go to Settings -> General.

3.) Set the order ID placeholder as #{{order_name}}

4.) Paste the InviteReferrals integration code in the “Additional Javascript” field and then click “Apply Settings”.

5.) Refer the screenshot below




Order tracking integration

1.) Go to “Settings > Checkout And Payment” in powerstores workspace.

2.) Paste the InviteReferrals integration code in the “Additional Script” field.

3.) You need to pass the additionally pass {{order_name}} tag in the orderID parameter of invitereferrals static javascript code.

i.e, orderID : “{{order_name}}”

4.) click “Apply Settings”.

5.) Refer the screen shot below.





Thats it! Your PowerStores referral widget is ready.



Aman Gupta

Co-founder, The product guy at inviteReferrals. Ensures that the best industry practices are built right into your customer referral program.