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50+ Surprising Influencer Marketing Statistics to Know in 2022

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Influencer marketing has undergone phenomenal growth in recent years. This shows that word of mouth is still regarded as the most successful marketing tactic, and incorporating it via social media seems to make a lot of sense. 

The best part is the ongoing growth of influencer marketing has demonstrated to be beneficial for both brands and influencers

Today, no one can deny the effectiveness of Influencer marketing for brands looking to improve their consumer trust, brand recognition, and countless other benefits. To emphasize the importance of influencer marketing, we have compiled 50+ influencer marketing statistics for you.

50+ Influencer Marketing Statistics You Should Know 

Here are some of the influencer marketing statics that you should consider.

A) Influencer Marketing Growth Statistics

1) 93% of marketers make use of influencer marketing. (Social Publi)

2) Organizations collaborate with 660 million creators on average every year. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

3) Over the past 3 years, Google searches for “influencer marketing” increased by 1,500%. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

B) Influencer Marketing Industry Stats

4) Fashion (81.4%) is the most-developed influencer marketing industry. (Social Publi)

5) Economy and Finance (52.7%) is the least evolved influencer marketing sector. (Social Publi)

6) 51% of marketers are familiar with the FTC guidelines. (Influencer Marketing Hub, Linqia)

7) 67.6% of marketers believe finding relevant influencers is their largest influencer marketing challenge. (Businesswire)

8) 51% of marketers work with up to 10 influencers a year. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

9) 68% of bloggers work directly with brands instead of influencer marketing companies or networks. (

10) 39% of B2C companies have employed influencers/other media relations for content distribution. (Content Marketing Institute)

11) 34% of B2B businesses have employed influencers or third-party media to distribute content. (Content Marketing Institute)

12) 41% of marketers partner with influencer networks or “turn-key” providers to execute their marketing programs. (Linqia)

13) 45% of influencers accept approximately 4 proposals for campaigns every month.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

C) Influencer Marketing Effectiveness Statistics

14) 89.2% of marketers who tested influencer marketing found it an effective channel. (Social Publi)

15) 8 out of 10 customers have purchased something after seeing it on an influencer. (Rakuten Marketing)

16) 65% of people are finding new brands or products via influencers. (MediaKix)

17) 48% of brands think the audience relationship to be the most valuable factor when collaborating with an influencer. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

18) For 37% of customers, authenticity is the most important thing about sponsored posts. (Tribe)

19) 60% of marketers believe influencer content performs as well as or better than their branded content. (Linqia)

20) 44.1% of marketers think influencers have delivered better results during the coronavirus pandemic. (Social Publi)

21) For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses make $5.20 in earned media value. (Influencer Marketing Hub, Social Publi)

22) For 22% of 18–34-year-olds, large purchase decisions have been shaped by an online influencer’s endorsement. (ClickZ)

23) 41% of marketers believe the ROI from influencer marketing to be comparable with other marketing channels. (Smart Insights)

D) Influencer Marketing Budget Statistics

24) 55.3% of brands plan to grow their budget for influencer marketing over the next 12 months. (Social Publi)

25) 80% of organizations assign at least 10% of their marketing budget to influencer marketing. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

26) Most brands are investing less than $10,000 in influencer marketing. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

E) Macro Vs Micro-Influencer Stats

27) The ratio of mega influencers to micro-influencers is 1:10. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

28) Micro-influencer campaigns push 60% higher engagement rates than average campaigns. (Medium)

29) 82% of consumers would like to follow recommendations by a micro-influencer. (Go2Experticity)

30) 77% of micro-influencers produce content every day, and 48% post at least twice a day on social media. (Kalypso App)

31) Micro-influencer campaigns are 6.7x more efficient per engagement than influencers with bigger followings. (Medium)

32) 77% of fashion micro-influencers like Instagram. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

33) 47% of micro-influencers spend more than 5 hours a day on social media. (Chief Marketer)

F) Influencer Marketing Campaign Statistics

34) 58.5% of marketers seek to boost brand awareness with influencer marketing. (Social Publi)

35) 49% of marketers measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns by reach. (Social Publi)

35) About 90% of influencer collaborations come from content promotions, product launches, brand awareness, and events. (Social Publi)

36) The Instagram post is the preferred influencer marketing format for 97% of marketers. (Linqia)

37) Photos forge the most engagement for Facebook and Instagram influencers. (RivalIQ)

38) 49.7% of marketers name video as their preferred medium to use. (Social Publi)

39) Marketers choose explanatory posts over plain product photos. (Social Publi)

40) 72.1% of marketers want influencers to produce original content based on a brief. (Social Publi)

41) 30% of marketers choose TikTok for their influencer marketing campaigns. (Social Publi)

42) 60% of marketers like content that showcases the influencer using the product. (Social Publi)

G) Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats

43. 93% of influencer marketing campaigns utilize Instagram. (Marketing Dive)

44) The number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on Instagram is assessed at 6.12 million. (Statista)

45) Instagram influencers have formed 50% more content since the COVID-19 outbreak. (Statista, MediaKix)

46) Sponsored Instagram posts saw 76% more likes after the COVID-19 outbreak. (MediaKix)

47) Instagram influencer rates range from $50 to $1 million per sponsored post. (MediaKix)

48) Making $1.2 million per post, Kylie Jenner is the highest-paid influencer. (BBC)

49) 55.4% of influencers utilize Instagram stories for sponsored campaigns. (Emarketer)

50) 84% of Instagram influencers are female. (Statista)

51) The influencer marketing industry was forecast to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021. (Influencer marketing hub)

Wrap up

In this blog, we have learned different kinds of influencer marketing statistics that will help you leverage them precisely. Make sure you read them thoroughly and create an influencer marketing strategy. 



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