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80+ Useful Affiliate Marketing Statistics to Know in 2022

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Affiliate marketing is a compelling way for any business that desires to grow. Its scope is expanding day by day. Companies and marketers typically use affiliate marketing in the online marketing world. It can also incorporate offline and physical sales if the company desires.

Expanding your affiliate marketing strategy is a long process that involves individuals and providing them with the right tools and incentives to facilitate your brand and products. To emphasize the importance of affiliate marketing, we have compiled 80+ affiliate marketing statistics.

So, look at the affiliate marketing statistics mentioned below without any further delay.

Some Of The Compelling Affiliate Marketing Statistics You Should know

  1. In 2018, there were 11,400 affiliate marketing programs in the US only. (AM Navigator)

  2. By 2008, Amazon Associates already had more than 2,000,000 affiliates on board. (North American Job Bank)

  3. Amazon Associates are dominant in the affiliate marketing terrain with a market share of 39.30 percent. ( Datanyze)

  4. 79 percent of advertisers attend events to search for affiliate partners. In the same analysis, 83 percent utilize affiliate networks. (Rakuten Marketing)

  5. The commission rates for Amazon Associates programs vary between 1 percent and 10 percent. (Ryan Robinson)

  6. In Udemy, the commission rate for new consumer investments is 15 percent. ( Ryan Robinson)

  7. BigCommerce pays affiliates a 200% commission fee for the customer’s first monthly payment. Affiliates also obtain up to $1,500 for every enterprise customer. ( Ryan Robinson)

  8. ConvertKit yields a recurring 30 percent commission every month for each customer. (Ryan Robinson)

  9. In 2020, the annual affiliate marketing spending was calculated to be $12 billion. (SaaS Scout, 2020)

  10. The US accounts for 39% of the affiliate marketing market share. (SaaS Scout, 2020)

  11. Mobile devices cause more than 50% of affiliate marketing traffic. (SaaS Scout, 2020)

  12. Since April 2020, over 30% of online shoppers who made their first purchase from a brand utilized an affiliate link. (Awin, 2021)

  13. The number of affiliate marketing publishers that applied on Amazon rose by 150% in July of 2020. (Awin, 2021)

  14. Direct deposits are chosen by 48.69 percent of affiliate marketers while receiving payments. (Hosting Tribunal)

  15. 19.16 percent of affiliate marketers choose to use PayPal as a payment mode. This is followed by 2.69 percent of affiliate marketers keen to use Bitcoin. ( Hosting Tribunal)

  16. You can expand your affiliate marketing sales by enhancing your website’s loading speed. 47 percent of online consumers expect websites to load within 2 seconds. (Neil Patel)

  17. 73% of merchants admit that their revenue expectations were satisfied using affiliate marketing. (Satyanarayana, 2019)

  18. As of 2021, 81% of marketers have utilized affiliate marketing to generate more revenue. (Hallur, 2020)

  19.  94% of publishers do not stick to just one affiliate marketing network. (Affise; Nikolovska, 2021)

  20. According to 76% of publishers, the best advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is easy to monetize. (iAffiliate Management; 99firms Content)

  21. 20% of publishers’ annual income is developed from affiliate marketing. (; 99firms Content)

  22. In 2020, eCommerce company Groupon registered $395.6 million in global revenue.(Hallur, 2021)

  23. 90% of advertisers admit that affiliate marketing plays a vital digital marketing strategy. (Hallur, 2021)

  24. Affiliate programs are accountable for 30% of advertisers’ entire sales. (SaaS Scout, 2020)

  25. 15%–30% of advertisers’ total sales are generated from affiliate marketing. (Authority Hacker; 99firms Content, 2021)

  26. 41.04 percent of affiliate marketers publicize products under the computers and electronics category. (Hosting Tribunal)

  27. Only 29.88 of affiliate marketers choose to promote online services. (Hosting Tribunal)

  28. As for the clothing and apparel category, 39.84 percent of affiliate marketers like the niche. (Hosting Tribunal)

  29. 81% of brands have embraced affiliate marketing. (Awin)

  30. Affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of online orders. (Awin)

  31. Fashion is the most favoured affiliate marketing category, with an 18.7% share.(Awin)

  32. 50% of affiliate-referred traffic drives from mobile devices

  33. 38% of marketers believe that affiliate marketing is a top acquisition channel (Awin)

  34. About 0.67% of Youtube videos include at least one affiliate URL.( Princeton University)

  35. A total of 0.85% of Pinterest posts include at least one affiliate link. (Awin)

  36. 3.6% of Science and Technology videos have affiliate content, making it the most popular Youtube category for affiliates. (Awin)

  37. For Pinterest, the most popular category is Women’s fashion, with 4.62% of posts including affiliate links. (Awin)

  38. As of August 2019, Google searches for “affiliate marketing” are at a record high since tracking started in 2004. (Google Trends, Own analysis)

  39. 74% of users trust social networks to direct them to a purchase decision. (Tradedoubler)

  40. 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase based on a tweet. (Tradedoubler)

  41. 49% of people depend on influencer recommendations. (Tradedoubler)

  42. 49% of customers make their buying decisions based on recommendations from social media influencers. (Tradedoubler)

  43. 75% of marketers claim to have allotted money for influencer marketing. (Tradedoubler)

  44. A single Influencer made $7 million in just a year. (

  45. 83 % of advertisers utilize affiliate marketing for the discovery and awareness of their products. (Forrester Consulting)

  46. 79% use affiliate marketing in other product life cycle stages, like ongoing customer engagement. (Forrester Consulting)

  47. 56% of advertisers host their events to find new affiliates, according to affiliate marketing statistics. (Forrester Consulting)

  48. In the UK, affiliate marketing spending reached $670 million in 2017. (IAB)

  49. 81% of brands trust affiliate programs. (Mediakix)

  50. The reality check is that affiliate marketing statistics show a 0.5% to 1% conversion rate. ( Awin)

  51. 94% of publishers employ more than one network. (Rakuten)

  52. 54.23% of affiliate marketers are men, and 42.97% are women. (Hallur, 2021)

  53. 31.86% of affiliate marketers are between 35 to 44 years old. (Hallur, 2021)

  54. The 7th most preferred skill set by employers involves affiliate marketing skills. (Awin, 2021)

  55. 64.48% of affiliate marketers yield the most traffic from quality blog content. (Nikolovska, 2021)

  56. 18.15% of affiliate marketers admit that relevance is the most significant factor to contemplate while choosing a product. Moreover, the affiliate program and the affiliate network reputation should also be considered. (99firms Content)

  57. 51% of affiliates consider the next option once they get rejected by an affiliate program. (Web Market Support)

  58. Only 3.2% of affiliate marketers make over $150,000 annually. (99firms Conte)

  59. The majority of affiliate marketers (48.32%) earn less than $20,000 a year. (Job2Joy; 99firms Content)

  60. 12% of affiliate marketers cause $75,000 in affiliate income alone. (Mediakix, 2020)

  61. 83% of affiliate marketers increase brand awareness through affiliate marketing. (Hallur, 2021)

  62. 1% to 5% is the average conversion rate affiliate marketers can accomplish. (Hallur, 2021)

  63. 48.69% of affiliate marketers like direct payments. (Hallur, 2021)

  64. Businesses will continue to leverage the marketing opportunities presented by micro-influencers or content creators with less than 100,000 followers. (Hughes)

  65. Browser companies plan to eradicate third-party tracking and cookies by 2022. (Schindler)

  66. Affiliate content has grown and has increased by 175% in recent years. (Mediakix)

  67. AI and voice search are two of the most significant trends in affiliate marketing, as the number of digital assistants and smart speaker users is predicted to reach 6.2 billion in 2022. (Mediakix, 2020; Juniper Research, 2020)

  68. Cross-promotion between desktop and mobile devices is still a trend because affiliate marketers drive traffic volume from mobile devices. (Aguiar, 2020)

  69. Automation tools will continue to improve the effectiveness of various marketing processes, including affiliate marketing. (Hughes)

  70.  More than 80 % of brands have affiliate programs. (Mediakix)

  71. An amazing 94% of publishers are utilizing multiple affiliate marketing networks. (Affise)

  72. About 25 percent of all affiliate programs are in the fashion industry. (AM Navigator)

  73. 40 percent of marketers worldwide believe affiliate marketing is a crucial skill (BloggingX)

  74. Nearly 79 % of marketers utilize affiliate marketing to engage existing customers. (Get Cake)

  75. Nearly 65% of affiliate marketers cause traffic by blogging (Awin)

  76. 40% of US merchants report affiliate programs as the top customer acquisition channel (Backlinko)

  77. Product relevance, at 18.5%, is the leading factor for marketers to select a program. (Social Media Today)

  78. 50% of affiliate traffic comes from mobile devices. (Call Hippo)

  79. Over 65% of affiliate marketers connect with their customers on social media. (Master Blogging)

  80. Trends indicate 74% of US online shoppers check multiple affiliate websites before making a purchase. (CyberCash Worldwide)

  81. Over 73% of merchants think that affiliate marketing programs meet their revenue expectations. (Fetch Profits)

  82. Just over 60% of merchants say an annual affiliate marketing revenue of up to 20% (BloggingX)

  83. Over 80% of marketers expect their affiliate marketing revenue to grow in the future. (Fetch Profits)

  84. Approximately 9% of affiliate marketers today make over $50,000 a year. (Investopedia)

  85. Stats show affiliate marketing is estimated to be worth $12 billion globally (BloggingX)

  86. ShareASale owns the largest share of the global affiliate marketing market (55%) (Appsero)

  87. The affiliate marketing industry is accountable for over 16% of online orders. (Uniquodo)

  88. Affiliate marketing is accountable for 16% of global eCommerce sales. (Fetch Profits)

  89. Trends show that Amazon offers between 1 and 10 percent commissions. (Investopedia)

So, these are some of the compelling and useful affiliate marketing statistics that you should be aware of.


After reading this post on affiliate marketing statistics you may have understood how marketing trends are evolving and how they are letting marketers expand their reach. Make sure you read all these statistics and use them with an open-minded approach.



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