Identify influencers through customer referral program

It is very important to Identify influencers and reward them. Announcement of influencers as campaign winners act as a big motivational force for customers to refer even more friends in future. This also builds trust and reassurance among the customers regarding the referral program. You can announce winners every week or month, or at the end of the referral campaign.

Identify Influencers

InviteReferrals allows you to identify most influential referrers based on multiple filters. Filtering criteria includes most number of invites sent through each referral channel (like facebook, email), referral site visits or referral sales /  goal conversions. The profile of each participant winner can also be analyzed at individual level to filter out cheats. You can view the different participant leaderboards by visiting “Admin – > Analytics -> leaderboards” as shown below.

Identify influencers through customer referral program
Identify influencers through customer referral program

Announce Winners

Once you identify influencers, you must announce the winners to all your subscribers and customers. Below is a list of different digital properties where you can announce the influencers and their special prizes.

1. facebook fan page

2. Via tweet on twitter

3. Send the winners announcement email to all your customers and subscribers

4. Create a separate page on your website giving step by step detailed information about your referral program. List the top influencers on this page as well

Below is an email sent by one of our clients lenskart to announce the influencers and their prizes

Winners announcement email
Winners announcement email


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