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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Privacy Policy InviteReferrals

European Union implements GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) for the residents in the European Union and its belonging areas (European Economic Areas). GDPR privacy policy was made affected by the 25th of May 2016. 

What GDPR does?

According to the European Union, there are few guidelines and policies that every Company needs to swear upon. Any company irrespective of where they belong to, have to be GDPR compliance. The following are the data privacy rules:

  1. Every Company that tends to collect customer’s data for any purpose or whatsoever has to take consent from their customers first.
  2. Users should always be notified before collecting or clearing their data.
  3. All the users have full control over the data that is being used by the Company.
  4. In case if there is any data breaching, users should always be informed. 
  5. No company can collect data from children under the age of 16 (without parental guidance).
  6. Customers have the right to unsubscribe from the services anytime and can delete or modify their saved data. 
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How is InviteReferrals GDPR compliance?

InviteReferrals is GDPR compliance and abides by the rules and regulations by GDPR to protect the data and privacy of every individual residing in Europe. This policy is for every individual who is visiting our website or is using our services.

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Let us know how InviteReferrals implements GDPR privacy policy.

  1. We collect your data whenever you visit our website. This is an automated process by the cookies. Generally known as log data. 
  2. We will not collect your details, such as name or contact details unless you voluntarily submit it to us.
  3. In InviteReferrals we don’t save data of children under 16 without parental guidance. 
  4. We can also sometimes collect data from other social media websites in which our Company has integrations with. 
  5. We will never illegally collect your data from other sources. Unless:
  • You log in to your contact details (voluntarily)·
  • If you use our services, we will collect the tracking information of your orders. 
  • We might also collect the data on the number of times you visited our website or the number of clicks you made. 

6. As we say, we will never save your data without your consent. You can turn the cookies off anytime you want to, or delete your log data through web settings. 

What companies are involved in GDPR?

There are two types of companies involved, one is the data controller, and the other is the data processor. 

InviteReferrals is the data processor that collects and captures data to provide services (referral program) to the Company. 

The other company is the data controller—the Company that is getting referral services from InviteReferrals. The data controller has full rights over the data of their customers. They can delete, edit or modify data whenever they want to. 

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Cost of on GDPR Compliance?

Any company that is not abiding by the data privacy rules will have to pay a hefty amount. The maximum fine for non-compliance with GDPR is 20 million Euro or 4% of annual revenue.

For any modification, deletion of the data, or any other GDPR privacy policy, you can contact us at

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