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75+ Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Statistics to Know in 2022

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Research reveals that internet usage by adults has grown by at least 5% in the last three years. Now, more than ever, businesses are tapping into the potential that the digital world offers. In other words, online marketing plays a very significant role while making a purchasing decision.

The primary objective of marketing is to reach out to the target audience at the right place and time, and what better place to connect with your audience than the internet.

To put it simply, digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the application of digital media, data, and technology combined with traditional marketing communications to accomplish marketing objectives. In this post, we will look at some of the eye-opening digital marketing statistics that will help you out.

Let’s start discussing some useful digital marketing statistics without wasting any time.

75+ Useful Digital Marketing Statistics

Digital Marketing Statistics

1. 45% of organizations don’t have a precise digital marketing strategy. (Smart Insights)

2. Marketing teams that establish their strategy are 313% more likely to register success than those that don’t. (CoSchedule)

3. 75% of marketers improved their company’s credibility and trust with digital marketing tactics. ( Content Marketing Institute)

Blogging Statistics

4. Blog content creation is a top priority for 55% of marketers (HubSpot, 2018)

5. Blog posts with 2000+ words are more likely to have powerful SEO results. (OptinMonster)

6. Articles with pictures get 94% more views than their visual-lacking counterparts. (Jeff Bullas)

7. 48% of businesses that have a content marketing strategy leverage blogging. (HubSpot)

8. Organizations that prioritize blogging gain 13x the ROI of those that don’t. (HubSpot)

9. 60% of people buy a product after reading a blog post. (Demand Metric)

10. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and yields 3x leads. (99Firms)

Landing Pages Statistics

11) Companies with 30 or more landing pages yield 7 times more leads than those with fewer than 10. (HubSpot)

12) On average, adding videos on landing pages boosts conversions by 86%. (Wordstream, 2018)

13)  Businesses with over 40 landing pages typically yield 12x more leads than ones with 1 to 5 landing pages. (HubSpot, 2022)

14) Only 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates (Business2Community, 2018)

Visual Content Statistics

15)  74% of surveyed online marketers stated they employed visuals in their content more than   70% of the time. (Venngage)

16) 34% of marketers design their graphics. (Venngage)

17) Visual content is the most significant challenge for 23.7% of content marketers. (HubSpot)

18) 28% of marketers invest up to 5 hours per week developing visual content. (Venngage)

Photos Statistics

19) On average, posts that contain images get 650x more engagement than text-only posts. ( Medium, 2018)

20) 88% of marketers said they incorporated images in over 50% of the published articles. (Venngage, 2019)

21) When information is used with images, people retain 65% of the information, rather than 10% without. (Brain Rules, 2022)

22) The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. (Piktochart, 2018)Video

23) By 2023, 83% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. ( Biteable, 2020)

24) Product videos can boost purchases by 144%. (StacksandStacks, 2018)

25) 86% of marketers utilize video as a content tool. (Oberlo, 2020)

26) Companies who use video content in their marketing strategy experience a 41% growth in traffic through web searches (Forbes, 2018)

27) 88% of marketers are happy with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. (Animoto, 2018)

28) As of 2018, 35% of marketers utilize live video on social media. (SocialMediaExaminer, 2018)

29) 54% of customers want to see more videos from the brands they like and follow (HubSpot, 2018)

Infographics Statistics

30) 65% of B2B marketers are designing infographics. (Content Marketing Institute, 2018)

31) Infographics are shared 3x more than any other pictorial content on social media. (HubSpot, 2018)

32) 40% of marketers cite original graphics, like infographics, as their best-performing content. (Venngage, 2020)

33) 41.5% of marketers say that infographics and amazing visuals are the most engaging content. ( Jeff Bullas, 2018)

SEO Statistics

34) 74% of all search traffic globally comes from Google (NetMarketShare)

35) There are more than 98,000 searches per second on Google. ( Internet Live Stats)

36) Video content in emails can enhance click-through rates by up to 300%. (Omnicore)

37) On the first page of a Google search result, the first five organic results account for 67% of all clicks. (Zero Limit Web)

38) Only 0.78% of Google searchers will click on the second page. (Backlinko

Lead Nurturing Statistics

39) 45% of businesses send one email per week with their leads. (Databox)

40) 20-40% of webinar attendees become leads. (OptinMonster)

41) 66% of people state that email nurturing was the most useful way to re engage leads. (Databox)

Mobile Commerce Statistics

43) Almost all (95%) of people in the US possess a mobile phone. (Pew Research Center)

44) People spend over 3.5 hours per day on their mobile devices. (eMarketer)

45) 51% of shoppers have finished an online purchase with a smartphone. (Pew Research Center)

46) 93% of Millennials have compared online deals utilizing a mobile device. (Statista)

Social Media Statistics

47) More than 50% of the world is now active on social media. (Smart Insights, 2020)

48) 75% of marketers state that their social media marketing efforts have improved traffic. (Ignite Visibility, 2018)

49) On average, social media users spend more than 2 hours a day on social media. (Global Web Index, 2020)

50) 97% of digital customers have used social media within the last month. (Hootsuite, 2020)

Facebook Statistics

51) Facebook owns 1.91 billion users that are active daily. (Zephoria, 2021)

52) 79% of internet users in the US have Facebook (beating out Instagram, at only 32%). (Ignite Visibility, 2018)

53) The average click-through rate for Facebook ads is 0.9%. (WordStream, 2020)

54) The average US Facebook user is anticipated to be online 38 minutes per day. ( eMarketer, 2021)

55) 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. (WordStream, 2020)

Twitter Statistics

56) Around 52% of all Twitter users are on the platform daily. (Omnicore, 2020)

57) 80% of active users use Twitter from their phones. (Brandwatch, 2020)

58) On average, brands that utilize Twitter for business experience a 7% improvement in brand preference. (Twitter, 2020)

59) 77% of Twitter users feel more optimistic about a brand after their Tweet has been replied to. (Brandwatch, 2020)

60) Twitter is the lowest-ranking ROI driver for ad buyers in the United States. ( eMarketer, 2018)

Instagram Statistics

61) Instagram has the 2nd highest ROI among social channels for marketers. (HubSpot, 2022)

62) Instagram holds 84x more engagement than Twitter and 10x more than Facebook. ( Ignite Visibility, 2018)

63) On average, Instagram followers are worth $65, compared to $55 on Facebook. (Ignite Visibility)

64) There are more than 1 billion users on Instagram that are active monthly. (Omnicore, 2021)

65) Photos on Instagram portraying faces get 30% more likes than photos without faces. (Louise Myers Visual Social Media, 2020)

LinkedIn Statistics

66) More than 1 million LinkedIn members publish content weekly. (  Omnicore, 2022)

67) Sixty-one million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and 40 million are in decision-making positions. (Foundation Inc., 2019)

68) 91% of marketing leaders document LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content. (Foundation Inc, 2019)

69) 57% of traffic on LinkedIn is mobile. (Hootsuite, 2020)

70) LinkedIn drives more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. (Foundation Inc, 2019)

YouTube Statistics

71) 1 billion hours of videos are watched per day on YouTube. (YouTube, 2021)

72) YouTube is the 2nd most popular site worldwide, after Google. ( Alexa, 2022)

73) YouTube is the favored source of video for 83% of consumers globally. ( HubSpot, 2019)

74) Over 70% of watch time on YouTube is from mobile devices. (Sprout Social, 2020)

Online Shopping Statistics

75) 1.66 billion people shop online every year. (Statista)

76) Almost half of all US small businesses don’t own a website. (CNBC)


As we know, digital marketing is about using digital technology to accomplish marketing objectives. There is no actual need for digital to always be distinct from the marketing department as a whole, as both objectives are the same.

However, it remains a useful term because digital needs specialist skills to use digital technology effectively. So, we recommend you go through all of the above digital marketing statistics to understand how to develop the right strategy.



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