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2024 Checklist: Marketing Tools Required to Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Have you ever guessed, what will happen if we take marketing out of a business? The business will become spineless. Marketing is considered the heart and soul of the business, so are marketing tools. Whether it be a small business or any empire managed by Bill Gates, everyone needs incredible marketing tools.

This blog is the eye-opener for marketers. Further in this blog, you will know about how to excel in online marketing strategies and get your business top in the leaderboard. But before we begin I have a question for you all. What is marketing? Almost everyone performs some marketing activity in their day to day lives but a few only know about a new type of marketing tactics.

Since a decade is coming to an end, so is a year this is the time when you need to revamp your online marketing ideas and gift your business something that can make a worth and lead you to the heights. Therefore without any further ado let us begin with the marketing tools that your business (must) need.

The following is the list of the marketing tools that your online business demands:       

1. Manage Marketing Campaigns

A part of marketing is all about campaigns. Businesses create interactive campaigns to attract customers. But managing the campaigns is not a cakewalk. If we talk about taking care of one campaign manually which involves 10-20 people it is an easy task. But what if someone asks you to manage multiple campaigns at a time which includes hundreds of people, how can you manage them all at once?

Well, there is always a solution to a problem. ALWAYS!

a) Whatsapp Marketing

Many reports suggest that around 1 million people register on Whatsapp daily. Thus, getting business to the platform where people spend most of the time is an incredible idea.

Whatsapp marketing

Whatsapp marketing is the trend that every business is adapting to and you should too. Whatsapp has launched a platform for businesses where they can connect with their customers. But managing all the hundreds and thousands of customers all at once can get a mess that is why getting a tool for managing a business in the Whatsapp is a must.

Send your customers transactional messages and notifications and keep them updated at every step of their purchase.

Since, customers spent most of the time over Whatsapp thus, the click-through rate of the messages increases. Thus, Whatsapp will be the best transactional marketing strategy for 2020 to implement in a business.

b) Revamp Traditional Promotional Campaigns

The three key points to remember whenever you run a promotional/transactional campaign, send your customer’s regular Emails, SMS and Push Notifications all, pre and during the campaign. It is a must-have the practice to keep your customers updated with the ongoing campaign.

Revamp Traditional Promotional Campaigns

These days push notifications are the most effective medium to communicate with the customers.

Sending emails to 1k customers at once is an easy duty now. What if I tell you that, you can manage all the notifications at one place and send them all at once while keeping a track of bounce and click rate. Sounds crazy right? This marketing tool is the must-have for your business.

Learn more on Emails, SMS & Push Notifications.


There is an addition to the marketing tools that have evolved the campaign management.

c) Journey Builder

 Journey Builder

It is a tool that manages the whole customer’s journey in one place. Journey Builder designs the whole customer’s journey to deliver value at every point. It creates complex workflows at ease and manages the flow. Journey builder sends your customers the notifications, SMS etc. at real-time depending on when and where the customer engages with it.

It ensures the notifications are delivered on time and use customer response to decide the next best action.

2. Referral Marketing  – Power Of Existing Customers

referral marketing software

It is one of the best tool/strategies one can adapt to their business to get a strong customer base. Referral Marketing is very similar to the advertisements. Advertisements are something that requires a lot of monetary value. A short simple message on an advertisement can cost you thousands. But referral marketing is quite different in terms of monetary value. Also, the outcome of referral marketing is more trusting than advertisements.

If you want to do non-expensive and cost-effective marketing, Referral Marketing is something that you should look out for.

In Referral marketing an existing customer of yours shares the referral link with their friends and their friends sign up to your business because it is coming from their friend to whom they trust.

Following are benefits of referral marketing:

  1. Two-way optimization—a business earns a customer and a customer earns a reward on every referrer.
  2. People are 4 times more likely to buy if the product is referred by their friend.
  3. The best tool to promote traditional word of mouth marketing.
  4. People trust their peers more than the sales representative. Thus, product promotion gets easier.
  5. Referred customers are valuable and last long.


3. PWA [Progressive Web Apps] – Best App experience for users


Why deal with creating heavy applications and dedicating a team solely to take care of it! Progressive web app is the new generation tool that many marketers are adapting to and you should too. Mobile Applications need a lot of technical care and investing in it can cost you bundles of money. Instead, you can go for PWA’s. PWA is which feels like an app and they work as a website.

The following are the benefits of PWA’s:

  1. Does not take any space on your phone.
  2. Is installable from Playstore/Appstore
  3. PWA’s works offline.
  4. PWA’s are Notifications enabled.


4. Heatmaps – Visualization of website visitors


There are times when people might visit your website and leave without interacting with the page, but why? The reasons can be many. How easy it would get if you can know your customer’s behaviour, such as the job of Heatmaps.

Heatmaps are the graphical representation of the visitor’s activity on your website. They capture the mouse and screen activity of the customer and display them in a coloured visual representation. For instance, the most active area on your webpage is displayed in red colour and the least active areas in the blue colours.

Following are the benefits of Heatmaps:

  1. Real-time analytics of customer behaviour.
  2. Learning from the customer-behaviour to create a more user-friendly web design.
  3. They answer user demands as no other tool can.
  4. Heatmaps come in various types (confetti, scroll mouse, mouse trackers etc.)



5. NPS [Net Promoter Score] – Importance of Feedback

net promoter score

Customer satisfaction should be the biggest motive of any business. Net Promoter Score has the power to know the customer’s reaction and feedback on your products/services. It is very simple to use the product yet is very effective as it can tell you the customers behaviour just by one single question.

The customers are asked to rate your product on a scale of 0 to10, which might say ‘how would you like to recommend this product to a friend?’ On the basis of their responses, they are divided into three categories detractors, passive customers and promoters.

Detractors are the ones who rate between 0-5. Passive customers are those who rate either 6 or 7 and then come to the promoters who rate your services 8-10.

NPS score is Detractors subtracting from Promoters.

You can also ask your customers to write public reviews so that you can look into the needs of less satisfied customers.


6. Other Impactful Marketing Tools

These were some of the tools that assure a great change in the marketing but there are some other tools that have proven to deliver the best to the business. Tools such as:

A/B Testing: make real-time changes to your webpage and from analytics, judge the customer’s behaviour that what leads to better conversion rates.

ab testing marketing tool

Personalization: Create personalized websites for your customers based on their behaviour and needs. Create personalized content for your users based on their searches. This helps in targeting customers.

Banners: banners are the online hoardings which display attractive images and deals to the customers. Banners can also be used as subscription and survey forms which pop up whenever the user visits your website.

Lead form: convert your web visitors to the email subscribers and capture leads through interactive forms. You get various templates to select from, create forms with the LeadGen App to get new conversions/subscribers.


These were some of the marketing tools that you need to adapt for your online business to target the right audience and make a stronger customer base.

This is the beginning of the new decade and a new year the time to give your business new marketing tools


Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at InviteReferrals. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.