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15 Best Examples of Referral Cards Ideas in 2024

Referral Cards (as the name suggests), simply means ‘refer to your friends and earn the privilege of referring to them. It is a sort of business card. Many use business cards as reference cards. It can be in various forms like-

  • Postcards
  • Giftcards
  • Employee Referral forms
  • Referral newsletters
  • Community Referral Cards.

Examples of Companies Using Referral Cards

 1. Paypal

Paypal is a company that enables its customers to pay, transfer, and accept payment. It is done either through debit card or credit card.

How they use Referral Card

Through their referral card, they give free money, and they are using this strategy even before social media.

 This company is proactive, and through this, they added many new clients in the business with no time.

2. Dropbox

dropbox referral cards

Dropbox is a cloud storage solution made to collaborate and file securely. In other words, dropbox provides a file hosting service.

How they use Referral Card

Nothing to brag but you need to know that Dropbox earned 3900% with a simple referral program. And for that, companies need a referral card. 

3. Uber

uber eats referral cards

Uber Technologies Inc, customarily known as Uber, is a ride-sharing company that provides multinational services that include functions such as peer to peerride service hailing, food delivery(Uber eats), and taxi Advertising.

How they use Referral Card

These cards, as you can see in the image, contain the UberEats logo in modern, bright colors promoting fresh fruit delivery service. These vouchers make it easier for people to sign up with promo codes mentioned in their referral cards.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb stands for Air-bed and breakfast. It is an online e-commerce market place where the service provider is a third party, and the marketplace operator processes the transaction. It provides the service of lodging, primarily for tourism experience and homestays. Airbnb acts as a broker for receiving commissions for each booking.

How they use Referral Card

Airbnb’s referral policy is not only concerned with getting more users but also about awareness and drive leads as they say that most of the people in the world never heard of Airbnb and a minority of those who have listened to it and used it.

5. Fleet feet sports

Fleet feet referral cards

As the name relates, it is a store of sportswear that started in California and has around 170 stores all over the world. 

How they use Referral Card

Referrals can come from any course of action but customizing a well-designed postcard for the referral program will increase the chance of success. 

Fleet feet sports use a postcard, which is visually appealing and serves as a visual reminder for the consumers who have already established a relationship with the brand and the ones who have received a postcard from the friend.


6. Amazon

amazon gift cards is an American based multinational company that focuses on artificial intelligence, and digital streaming, e-commerce, cloud computing.

How they use Referral Card

Amazon uses gift cards as an incentive for referred customers. Their gift cards are in many forms such as email gift cards, gift boxes, greeting cards for many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, weddings, and many more. Amazon focuses on celebrating every occasion via gift cards which they launch on the perfect event, and for this reason, this company has gained a lot of popularity these days.


7. Starbucks

It is an American coffee company that originated in Seattle that serves hot and cold drinks, whole bean coffee, espresso, cafe latte, and even snacks such as chips, crackers, and some offerings.

How they use Referral Card

  • They also use a gift card as it is flexible, and only a small amount has a significant impact like perceived as a high value, even if their face value is relatively low.
  •  More comfortable to have control of such cards.
  • Help to improve customer loyalty and retention.

8. Google 

Now, who doesn’t know about this multinational technology company which is specialized in internet-related services and products which include cloud computing, software, hardware, online advertising, and search engine?

How they use Referral Card

Google uses employee referral card form as your employees can be a good source of referral too. Employee referral cards help to encourage employees to refer members of their network and gain confidence in opening positions. According to the HR team by Google, “eighty-two percent of employers rate employee referral programs as offerings the best return on investment of any recruitment channel.”

A referral card is not used by big businesses but also by small businesses too. Some have used it, and it has proved cost-effective.

9) Sam’s club

sam's club

It is an American chain of membership retail warehouse clubs.

It deals with electronics, office, home, furniture, pet supplies, children accessory, grocery, health, and beauty, toys, jewelry, and sporting goods.

How they use Referral Card

An online store, Sam’s Club, uses the gift card to their customers to refer to their friends. (for both new and existing members). The reason why it works is that it is anyway better than cash incentives as it can be used only for your business not for any other thing.

10) Scribe Writing

It is a book publishing company that functions as a professional copyist, personages, and hieroglyph texts.

How they use Referral Card

It merely gets straight to the point and offers $2000 for every conversion.

It takes advantage of customers’ networks to get more publishers around them. For implementing this strategy, you should have a solid backup plan—a good strategy for executing it.

11) Oracle

It is an American multinational software company which sells database software and technology, enterprise software product and cloud engineering systems.

How they use Referral Card

Oracle uses a gift card as a form of reward which is valid for 12 months. Even Oracle has the transparency of denominations in their referral card, which ranges between 5 to 1000 pounds and can also be purchased at the customer service desk.

12) Looks Salon and spa

looks salon

It is a unisex hair salon chain with 95+ branches nationally and internationally.

How they use Referral Card

In-salon business referrals are everything.  According to the studies, 80% of the salon customers come through referrals. It Looks Salon & Spa gift card is delivered in a personalized greeting card. It is available for purchase online through Treat. 

13) Beautycounter

It is a multinational marketing company that sells skincare and cosmetics products. It is launched as a direct retail brand which sells through independent consultants and retailer partnership and website.

How they use Referral Card

They give business reference cards to a friend who is instrumental to business growth and even thank you cards for their old customers as a sign of expressing gratitude.

14) Pure company

Pure company is an insurance company that stands for Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange. They provide insurance for automobiles, watercraft, jewelry, excess personal liability, and flood, and caters to high net worth customers.

How they use Referral Cards

PURE purely uses an employee referral program. As soon as a new employee joins the business, they are asked if they know anyone who will fit in this company. The main reason for doing is-

  • It emphasizes a reference.
  • It leads to more referrals.

15) JIO 

Jio is a telecommunication company which is wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries, and its headquarter is situated in Mumbai, India. It is one of the largest mobile networks in India apart from Airtel and Vodafone.

How they use Referral Cards

Jio uses “Jio Sim Referral” in which eligible employees can invite up to ten friends to experience Jio services, and it adds to the referral program and so on. Jio has gained an immense popularity due to its quick services and cheap facilities. Jio’s referral program has been a reason for its growth.

Don’t follow this just because others are doing it.

E-commerce business, yoga classes, retail chain outlets, many gymnasiums. Everyone wants to take advantage of this referral facility, but you can barely extract its benefit if your product is not worth or your budget is stringent, or the vision is not clear from the company’s eye. 


So if you want to nail it all, craft an excellent referral program using Referral cards and reap the benefits and it will be instrumental to your business growth.


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