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What is Marketing Management? An Introductory Guide.

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Marketing management distinguishes different market opportunities and executes strategies to tell your user base about your products/services/business. Further, it helps you build a brand and make it profitable.

There are a lot of definitions of Marketing Management which makes it difficult to understand the concept in detail. But today, in this guide, you will learn what marketing management is, its importance, its role, and a lot more.

So, start with the first thing first.

What is Marketing Management?

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is a process of managing the marketing aspects, fixing the company’s goals, organizing the step by step plans, making decisions for the firm, and performing them to get the most turnover by meeting the consumers’ requirements.

A marketing manager needs to do a deep study to understand marketing management and make it better in your firm’s favor. It is based on product, price, place, and promotion to entice consumers.

These four Ps are determined by the company’s management according to the requirement of customers what they want to purchase, with fair market prices and easy to locate either in stores or online. Thus, marketing managers need to deal with and make inflow of these factors for business survival.

Why is Marketing Management Important?

It is important as it helps to stand apart from your competitors in highly thriving competition in the market. It further helps you develop strategies to enhance profits and reduce the cost of products. As a result, marketing management has become a significant source of exchange and transfer of goods.

1. Maintains the company’s reputation.

Marketing involves selling, purchasing, exchanging, transporting goods which develop its reputation. If a company fits well on these parameters, it stands strong and gains a clear and good reputation among the public, which acts as a solid base for the business.

Once a good reputation is built, it will help the company in its growth and promotion. Good and reliable companies do not compromise at any point when it comes to reputation. Companies with a good reputation grab more opportunities that make them market competent and economically strong.

2. Promotes new ideas

Promotes new ideas

The marketing management helps promote innovative ideas depending upon the interests and offers for the public to be grabbed quickly. These ideas keep supporting and diversifying the companies by keeping them distinctive from other companies present in the market.

These ideas are beneficial for the company to understand the demand of today’s market and prevent it from going wrong.

3. Boost the company’s economy

Marketing management determines the ways to overcome the market competition and boost sales. First, they develop plans to promote their products effectively, and when the products are displayed, they are on the radar to be seen and known by the public.

Ads help spread the product description to a high level through friends, existing customers, and referrers. For instance, suppose when a girl got to know about the flat 50 percent sale on the clothing brands she will tell her friends and family, spreading the advertisement of that brand’s products lively.

4. Acts as a source of advertising the new products.

Recently launched products by a company with which the public is not familiar need to be displayed. It enables the product advertisement in a better and effective way to seize a great public crowd towards the new product.

Marketing management makes the public understand whether they are choosing a good product or not.

Objectives of Marketing Management

The basic and most important objectives of marketing management are

a) Satisfying the demands of customers

Another important goal of marketing management is to keep the customer connected with the company’s products for a long period. Of course, when it is about satisfying the customers, the quality matters a lot, along with good service. Good service involves an on-time supply of products and without getting damaged.

b) Drawing new customers

Drawing new customers

The primary objective of marketing management is to draw new customers to expand the sales of products. Therefore, several strategies ensure that maximum customers get drawn to the company’s products, like displaying ads on TV channels or social media, pamphlets, and managing a sales team that demonstrates the products.

c) Maximizing the market share

Maximizing the market share

Another purpose of marketing management is to make maximum marketing share. For this purpose, companies employ different tools to get maximum market sales by matching them with a market economy. Sometimes, companies allow discounts to entice customers. Sometimes, they do attractive and unique packaging and offer promotions.

d) Profitability


Without making a profit, a company could not remain longer. Therefore, making a profit is the backbone of a company. It is important to earn profit for building, diversifying a business, and its maintenance as well. For this purpose, a company needs to understand what market management is? And how to accomplish these market targets? A company’s management team manages the marketing on track by considering their old and reliable customers and bringing new customers to maximize profit for maximum growth.

e) Creating a good public reputation

Public reputation plays an important role in the growth of a company. If the company has stood as a good public figure, it has more chances to grow and diversify, but it will no longer survive if it stands with a bad reputation. By marketing, the reputation of a company can be made good and trustworthy for the consumers.

Now, it’s time to understand the process of marketing management.

What is the process of marketing management?

It is very simple to know what marketing management is today and how we can achieve it. Every company has its specific objectives and goals that make it distinctive from other companies in the market. But some steps needed to make your marketing management effective are enlisted below:

1. Define your mission statement and work for it

Mission statements should be fixed before doing anything. First, the company’s marketing management and stakeholder should settle on a very effective and strong mission statement. After that, they should draft their company’s goals and objectives.

The mission statement should be clear and transparent to others and have the potential to bring customers. A company’s goals should be unique, enthusiastic, based on reality, and for a specific time.

2. Analysis of industrial rank of your business

Competition among the businesses has arisen to the highest peak in marketing. As a result, many companies are marketing their company’s products in different but unique ways that help them to maintain their position in this competitive environment.

A company must know its position in the market is alarming or satisfying for its survival and growth. For this purpose, the company has to analyze its rank and its sustainability after a short period.

Marketing management should examine the strong and weak aspects of the company and should work on them to overcome the weak aspects by shifting their paradigms that may cover the weaknesses.

3. Processing towards work

Now it is time to perform the planning you have made with your managerial team to market your company’s products. Again, different campaigns are run, and the wordy plan is executed as action.

4. Keep evaluating, modifying, and repeating the strategies.

After that, when you have achieved the plan to get fruitful results, it is time to assess your 

company’s outcomes and modify them if there is a necessity, but if they are going well and result-oriented, they are repeated.

Tasks and functions of marketing management

A company performs different tasks when it knows marketing management, has formed a plan to achieve its purposes and prepared the track to take follow-up of output and place in the market. Some of the functions and tasks of marketing management are enlisted below:

  • Development of products: Marketing management puts you up to date and assesses the reviews of the products launched in the market. They strive to develop products by considering the raw materials, technologies, and good innovations to get real reviews and popularity in public.
    Products are moved through different processes to ensure that they are qualified for customer use in the market.

  • Promotions: You can’t sell your product without being easily available and advertised. Therefore, marketing management ensures that the public understands the company’s products. They utilize different social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., to make their product ready for promotion.
    Most people utilize these social media apps and see various advertisements. However, if these advertisements are exhibited effectively, they can be captured by a maximum number of eyes and ordered for use.


Marketing management acts as the backbone to running a successful and reputable business. It fulfills different tasks to accomplish its company’s goals set previously in the company mission statement. We hope you find this marketing management guide useful. Marketing management is imperative as it deals with diverse internal and external factors to derive meaningful outcomes.



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