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How Develop an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Every brand on social media is striving to get the attention of users. In this advanced era, it is still difficult to understand what your audience wants. Today, marketing is all about influencing people to buy your brand and services. Influencers are those influential that can easily persuade potential buyers to buy from you because people trust them.

 Therefore, it becomes imperative to have an influencer marketing strategy in place. Not only this, you need to first understand the requirements and a lot more things to make it a hit.  

Don’t worry if you are new and don’t know much about it, we got you covered, in this blog we will be discussing how to create an influencer marketing strategy along with some tried and tested tactics.

But before we move ahead let’s start from the basics.

What is Influencer Marketing?

What is influencer marketing

To put it simply, influencer marketing is like social media marketing that utilizes product mentions and endorsements from influencers. Here influencers are those individuals who have a huge social following and are considered experts within their niche. Today, Influencer marketing is so powerful because of the huge trust that social influencers have built up with their following, and suggestions from them work as a form of social proof to your potential customers.

Since we have learned its definition, it’s time to understand how you can make an influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

Steps to create an effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Nowadays, everything is evolving at a fast rate, so is the customers’ way of trusting and relying on a brand. Therefore, to survive in the market it’s important to change your marketing ways.

 Influencer marketing is compelling because it is more than just pushing a brand blindly. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create an influencer marketing strategy for your brand. 

1- Understand what you want to promote via Influencer marketing

understand the use of Influencer marketing

Your business may offer several products but you have to make it very clear what you need to promote in this campaign. Brand managers need to ensure that they focus on the ‘WHAT’ because that helps them design your content for the influencer marketing campaign. It becomes important to understand which product or service you want to target with this influencer campaign and then move on to the next step.


2- Know the purpose of your Influencer marketing strategy

Remember each and every influencer strategy has a purpose. It does not matter which product or service you are advertising there has to be a reason behind it. Influencer marketing is not all about promoting a newly launched product or service. Your campaign should also focus on spreading brand awareness, reaching out to a different audience set, pushing discounts, conveying about a product update, etc. Thus, make sure that you have pre-defined goals for each influencer marketing strategy. 

The purposes and goals you set for your campaign will determine the metrics you review for your campaign.


3- Determine the social media platforms for your Influencer campaign

Determine the social media platforms

Keep in mind that not all social media influencer campaigns are done primarily for all social media platforms. Choosing the right social media platform for your influencer campaign becomes essential because a lot depends on it. Right from your audience base to influencer selection, various factors depending on the platform you prefer. To determine the social media platforms for your influencer marketing campaign correctly. 


4- Know your target audience to build an Influencer strategy

Know your target audience

Always consider choosing that social media platform where your targeted audience is present. Thus, whether the platform you have determined has your audience base. For instance, if most of your audience is present on Facebook, then make sure you incorporate Facebook in your platform list. Moreover, it is good if you analyze audiences on diverse platforms to understand whether there is any scope to reach out to a passive audience or not.

Several times brands solely focus on Facebook and Instagram but don’t forget to study lesser popular platforms too, to make the most of your influencer marketing strategy.


5- Discover relevant Influencers for your Influencer marketing strategy

Today, influencers are present on all social media platforms. Locating relevant influencers is the most crucial part of an influencer marketing strategy because it shows whether your campaign goals will be reached successfully or not. The social media influencers you determine need to be in sync with your brand preferences and objectives. 

See whether your preferred influencers have a great presence on the social media platform you prefer. Furthermore, make sure to review their grip on the niche. 

6- Know your competitors

When it comes to preparing an impactful influencer marketing strategy, it is important to understand what your contenders are doing. Analyzing the platforms they are working on and what sort of content is working for them. Understand if they are getting appropriate audience reactions and responses on social media. Take ideas from the mistakes they are making and avoid making them in your content plan. 


7- Determining the content strategy for your campaign

Determining the content strategy

Every social media platform enables you to display content in unique ways. Build a content strategy according to this social media platform you choose. There are so many content strategies you can consider to meet your brand objectives like-

  • Online contests
  • Hosting giveaways
  • Guest blogs
  • Giving discount codes
  • Generating content in collaboration with influencers
  • Curating video strategies
  • Brand account takeover by influencers

8- Reviewing the content created for your campaign

Before you start publishing your content, make sure you go through your contender’s content completely. If you don’t analyze their content then chances are your influencer campaigns can go wrong on social media. Further minor things like grammar and punctuation matter a lot when it comes to impacting a large audience.

9- Evaluate the performance of your Influencer campaigns

Evaluate the performance

To analyze, if your influencer marketing strategy has generated the desired results, it is necessary to measure its performance. Brand owners usually consider the number of likes, comments, and shares to measure the success of their influencer campaigns but there are several other metrics you should track. Therefore, considering employing a social media analytics tool is a great idea to measure the campaign performance. 


10- Try to find out the loopholes in your Influencer marketing plan

Once you measured your influencer campaign’s performance and now, you are likely to discover loopholes in your strategy. Analyze the statistics and ensure to make a note of everything that went wrong. Right from the campaign’s duration to the selection of the influencers, the reports will provide you an idea of everything. 

Since we have learned how to create an effective influencer marketing strategy, it’s time to look at some powerful strategies as well that you can use to make the most of it.


Powerful Influencer Marketing Strategies 

a) Concentrate on the right platform

Whenever you think of building an equally successful brand presence on all social media platforms simultaneously you need to understand that every platform demands a different marketing approach and content format. Further, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare everything properly. Therefore, you can consider repurposing a part of the content for various social networks. However, still, there will be a significant gap that requires to be filled with your brand’s content that is unique for every platform.

By showcasing or promoting your brand on different platforms you may serve different segments of customers. Now, think of what kind of audience you aim to target and which social media platforms they are actively using. Concentrating on the right platform while launching influencer marketing is important whether you are a startup or an established business.


b) Recognize the influencers who you want to work with

Once you decide which social media platform you want to target then it is highly recommended to build an influencer persona. When we say influencer persona, it means an imaginative picture of an exemplary thought leader that can potentially recommend your company to their community. 

To determine the right influencer, you need to first decide what kind of influencer you are looking for. The basic qualities include 

  1.  valuable product reviews, 
  2. write about cutting-edge news, or
  3.  be a distinguished expert in a particular space.

Make sure that influencer values meet your brand values. Also, discover preferable demographic parameters: gender, age, and location. Determine the rate by which your business is able to pay for the influencer efforts. This set of parameters will make it more comfortable for you to get the right creator.


c) Find the right communication approach

While reaching out to bloggers and influencers, remember that their inboxes might be overflowed with hundreds of similar emails. Be considerate of their time by going straight to the point in the first two or three sentences after a short introduction of yourself and your brand. Try to push the influencer’s curiosity about what your brand does and get them connected because you talk in the same language. Recommend co-creation of exciting and valuable content for the influencer’s audience, not just advertising.

Let creators understand that your company is up to compensate for this collaboration, and it’s not wrong to ask about the influencer’s rate in the initial conversation. It will save both parties time, as you’ll understand the creator’s financial expectations and can determine if your marketing budget can support it. Always set a friendly and respectful tone for the conversation. Navigating the landscape of financial marketing services demands finesse, especially when engaging influencers. Amidst their inundated inboxes, it’s crucial to forge a connection swiftly by articulating your brand’s essence in the initial sentences. Suggesting collaborative content creation with a genuine focus on value, rather than a mere sales pitch, establishes a foundation for a more authentic partnership.


d) Let influencers share your brand story

Give influencers their creative freedom as it will enable them to interact with their followers as per the requirement. All you have to do is do good research and discover the creator that matches your perfect influencer persona. Influencers are experts and help you achieve your brand’s goals, but also make sure that you do not interfere with the idea of content and production process.

 Obviously, you can ask the influencer to make the required disclosures and state your brand’s wishes toward the content, but don’t be so pushy. These people understand what works out on this social media platform better than you, and they do know what goes with their audience well. They have already worked there and can boost your brand to do the same.


e) Make a proper disclosure

Prepare a proper disclosure. Also, preparing a precise and well-thought-out disclosure will save your brand from potential FTC violations and further saves you from the legal mess. Influencers might not be conscious of some new FTC guidelines. Therefore, it demands your brand’s special attention and controls to ensure that both parties will be legally protected.

One of the most basic influencer marketers’ mistakes is inconsistent exposure in Stories. Sometimes, a sponsored post is accurately disclosed as an ad, but a corresponding Story is not. Make sure that each post, Story (even each Story in a sequence of stories!), IGTV, or reel includes a clear disclosure, a well-visible ad label, and #ad hashtag.

f) Launch the product involving the influencer

Today, people trust influencers more than celebrities, particularly if it goes about buying endorsed goods. Are you questioning why? Celebrities usually have a broad audience that includes diverse interests. On the contrary, influencers’ audiences are smaller and more precise. Influencers are seen as experts in their niches, so their opinion might seem more convincing to consumers.

Wrapping it up

Influencer marketing is one of the most influential practices enabling brands to get a loyal audience and involve prospective consumers. However, the influencer marketing strategy largely depends on the marketer’s knowledge and awareness of all nuances and loopholes of this approach. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these steps to build an effective strategy also don’t forget to understand the given strategies as well.


1. What makes influencer marketing successful?

The reason behind influencer marketing success is the social proof and word of mouth done by influencers. People trust their recommendations and are more likely to consider it. It is more powerful than old ways of marketing.

2. What are the top 5 tips for implementing influencer marketing?

The Top 5 tips for implementing influencer marketing are
1. Concentrate on the right platform
2. Recognize the influencers who you want to work with
3. Find the right communication approach
4. Make a proper disclosure
5. Launch the product involving the influencer


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