How to successfully run a referral campaign to acquire new customers

How to successfully run a referral campaign to acquire new customers

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To run a referral campaign is not an icing on the cake; it requires predetermined goals and plans to reach that goal. So running your referral campaign, I suppose you have a predetermined goal and a plan to achieve it. 

Without a referral, it isn’t easy to increase your sale.

Statistics say that “65% of new business comes from referrals. By not investing in it, you are potentially losing thousands of rupees.”

You have started your referral campaign, which is not difficult to run, but running is a task if you don’t follow specific plans and rules. 


How to follow?

What steps to follow?

Ingredients to successfully run a referral program are as follows-

1. Eye-catchy landing page

Eye-catchy landing page

The landing page is a presentation page made explicitly for promoting or advertising campaigns. It’s the place where the user “lands” after they click in an email or promotions from google or social media such as Twitter, Facebook, bing on the web.

It can be your homepage or any other, your visitors find through search engines. They are discovered organically, using keywords and high ranking search results. A right landing page makes the buying process more efficient, promoting an upcoming product or sale.

So a useful landing page must have an appealing tagline with a killer subhead followed by a visual appeal and a clear explanation. 

2. Choose an incentive.

Choose an incentive

It has been rightly saying ‘there’s no free lunch’. And everyone needs appreciation.

A customer pays for your worth product. You have to pay them back for getting a referral. The reward should be chosen after going through records. Discounts and incentives have a positive impact on sales. There is a positive correlation between reward size and a referral campaign. More the discount and incentive more will be the reference of your business, taking into consideration the company’s budget, and that requires sufficient planning for it. Motivation should be the one which boosts a company’s sales with the minimum possible cost.

3. Train and motivate employees

Train and motivate employees

You put efforts in your organization wholeheartedly. There’s an enterprising fire burning strong into you that arouses you to work more every day. Tragically, the same cannot be expected from your employees. You have to motivate them harder. Even at times, companies try many incentives but still seeing the negative impact due to low motivation. So even the best supervisors at times have to think out of the box to discover inventive and reliable approaches to motivate their employees. So employees should be-

  • Incentivized.
  • Set smaller weekly or monthly goals.
  • Motivate as individuals rather than teams.
  • Give a chance to lead.
  • Ask for their feedback.

4. Could you do it for a cause?

It is rightly said ‘Charity begins from home’. By giving monetary incentive you can convince clients, generate leads but becoming socially responsible, you add to the country, to the people and most importantly, to your employees. If a company chooses corporate donation, it prompts an enormous lift in employees morale resulting in a positive general mentality with the improvement in working environment culture. If the company chooses community donation, it supports local small businesses in its own community, acting as a leader. Ensure the occasion reflects your organization’s objective.

5. Reward best Referrers

If a person refers, you greater than once or is going out of their way to mention you in every possible way, you ought to discover a proper manner to show your appreciation. Numerous organizations convey cards to say thanks as gratitude. A consideration bundle is another great idea.

6. Consistent Incorporation

Consistent Incorporation

The fewer circles your client needs to hop through, the better. Indeed, even the most loyal customers won’t have any desire to take part, if they register for your referral program and at that point they discover, there are four additional steps they need to finish before gathering their referral reward. 

7. Put yourself in the shoes of your client.

What are they searching for?

 What sort of motivating force will make them proceed onwards the chance of flaunting your item to a companion or confidant? A few organizations adopt this strategy by simply alluring clients to refer a friend and get a flat payment.

8. Choose the medium

Decide which you will distribute your campaign. You have limited resources, and you can’t target everywhere. Decide on where your target audience is maximum in all likelihood to be, and ensure that the platforms in query align with your objective.

For instance, in case you are pointing your item at a professional crowd, you would be better off investigating LinkedIn and some professional forums than Instagram and Pinterest.

9. Make sure to create a Buzz.

Make sure to create a Buzz

A referral marketing campaign best comes in useful if you already have a few forms of buzz around it. You ought to use every platform within your limit at your disposal to create that buzz. Social posts and paid advertisements are helpful to start a referral campaign with. But you may pass even similarly with the aid of opting for guest blogs and a few paid promotions with marketing corporations within your niche.

You need that buzz. Want to convert buzz into a sensation? Comment below for further guidance. 

Referral marketing is all about concerning execution.

Referral programs are an extraordinary method to urge shoppers to get the message out about your business, and we trust these whimsical client referral program thoughts motivate you to begin a referral program or take a current one to the following level. Look at these other referral program models; they could maybe assist you with making the ideal customer referral program format. Keep in mind; referral programming can make the entirety of this occur and help increment ROI. Start your Business to Consumer or Business to Business referral program today! In the event that you need thoughts on referral showcasing programming, look at our rundown of attachment and play referral advertising programming or an incredible rundown of free referral programming administrations.


Referrals can be hugely amazing. They can totally change your business and make it feasible for you to expand your dynamic client base. What makes them so strong is they can be applied to any industry. But make sure you run them infrequently so that customers don’t expect from you every time. Please create a special effort to make them feel everyone is extraordinary. This is the thing that makes the need to keep moving that urges individuals to make a move. 

Referral campaigns require a great deal of experimentation. There are such vast numbers of parts you can test. Guarantee that you are continually investigating and continually trying to show signs of improvement. 

Do you have a successful referral program?
Let us know in the comment section.



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