10 Best Ecommerce Startups You Need to Know About in 2023

Startups are gaining popularity in today’s business world. They’re the new trend when it comes to looking through organizations that have the potential to expand and can dominate existing markets or even create their market with their unique product or service exponentially.

But there are so many startups nowadays that tracking which ones are doing fine and which are a bit down under can be difficult. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 eCommerce startups you must watch in 2023 for inspiration.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best eCommerce Startups You Should Follow

1. Klarna – Fintech Startup

Klarna - Fintech Startup

Fintechs are eCommerce startups bringing their share of interest from investors. Klarna, a European-based upstart bank, has acquired a new $1 billion funding round. The company is lauded as the highest-valued private fintech company in the European market. Klarna is attracting new and existing investors with a craze for people to get their hands on the success train before the steam cools off. 

Klarna is a platform that lives in the concept of Buy-Now-Pay-Later schemes. In layman’s language, they supply users a means of purchasing products without paying for them up front and not resorting to the requirements of credit cards.

It permits this scheme to be successful by showing online store integrations with their app as an option for checkouts. They also include an online shopping app where users can easily browse their marketplace where eCommerce merchants sell their products. Users browsing this eCommerce platform especially pay through Klarna as well.

The company is also extending its services with Klarna trying to reach out for a better financial relationship with users by letting them open savings and current accounts. 

2. Snackpass – Food Delivery StartupSnackpass - Food Delivery Startup

Launched in 2017, Snackpass has recently completed the round with investment pooling into a successful startup. It is a social food application that offers convenience to its users by making food orders quick, convenient, and affordable.

Primarily, it’s a mobile app that offers discounts to friends and contains features for sending gifts and collecting points. Quite familiar with any other food application. The app has become widespread on college campuses and offices. 

The rise is expected as Snackpass has also integrated with other social media functions making ordering food a more social activity. Already, Snackpass has received multiple investments from different incubators with a $70 million super-sized series B package just for the ongoing expansion of the business into more markets in the United States.

3. – Customer Service - Customer Service

CloudTalk is a SaaS eCommerce company. This company has also been making noteworthy strides in becoming a booming startup.

So far, it has raised about €6 million in Series A funding directed by henQ and additionally joined by Point Nine Capital. CloudTalk has created a system for personalized customer service with their own precisely built virtual ‘phone suite’ that can integrate with the leading CRM systems in the market and work with other support tools.

The platform is mainly targeted at small to medium-sized businesses, but their market encompasses worldwide, with their presence already embedded in 80 countries. The company has said that its valuation has multiplied by 8x since its initial seeding round in 2019 with €1.3 million.

4. JungleScout – Amazon Fulfillment

JungleScout - Amazon Fulfillment

JungleScout is one of the top eCommerce startups headquartered in Austin, Texas, that delivers business owners and eCommerce stores to Amazon to sell products. 

JungleScout permits its customers to manage their inventory, search for suppliers, and do comprehensive product research with its search and marketing analytics tools and sales intelligence features.

The platform mainly revolves around Amazon, but they intend to expand their horizons to other services for marketable online retail companies. 

Lately, JungleScout has been preparing to acquire Downstream Impact, a specialized service for Amazon advertising; the acquisition contains their machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies being integrated into JungleScout.

While still a startup, JungleScout is already a giant in business revenue, with their tools backing around $8 billion in Amazon revenue with around half a million brands already utilizing their software. 

To add to this, JungleScout also intends to expand into China. With the country being one of the largest markets globally, there is much room for JungleScout to become even more prosperous shortly.

5. Cazoo – Used-Car Sales Platform

Cazoo - Used-Car Sales Platform

Used-car buying is becoming increasingly popular today, and Cazoo is one of the platforms leveraging this rising market to their favour. Another European company set to conquer the alternatively used car buying market, Cazoo, is on its way to success.

The dealership has raised $1 billion from a reverse merger to fund further expansion in the market and has the ammunition to fight against its competitors.

Cazoo is widely known for being a thriving company, particularly in dealing with customer experiences. 

6. CartStack – Sales Recovery Tool

CartStack - Sales Recovery Tool

CartStack is a SaaS eCommerce business that offers a unique service in re-acquire abandoned sales for eCommerce sites and merchants. It includes multiple functional features and high-quality services, with abandoned carts and lost customer recovery being its primary go-to service. 

CartStack offers its subscribers exit-intent popups, email automation, SMS marketing, and their built-in sales and analytics tool. As of now, CartStack does not contain any funding whatsoever, but the potential is there with its subscription service.

Approximately 20% of CartStack’s clients are hotel chains worldwide, and its user base is predicted to continue to rise, albeit possibly at a slower pace than other startups. Nevertheless, the platform stays in an attractive market with room to conquer and grow alone.

7. Shippo – Shipping Startup

Shippo - Shipping Startup

Shippo is another SaaS eCommerce merchant delivering services to help other eCommerce sites conduct business. In 2021, Shippo was valued at about $1 billion due to the continuous incline of eCommerce during the pandemic.

Additionally, Shippo has declared that they have about 100,000 customers and have already acquired high-value customers and companies with their business. The company works with 50 global carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. 

Shippo targets small and medium-sized enterprises as its main market for shipping software. However, it also looks forward to further growth in other areas to enhance the eCommerce industry’s supply chains. Some well-known investors of Shippo are CEOs of Stripe, Twilio, and PagerDuty.

8. Bolt – One-Click Checkout Platform

Bolt - One-Click Checkout Platform

Bolt is largely a software company making headlines as a startup with compelling potential. However, it has also recently struggled. The platform originally started with successful fundraising activities, and the private valuation for the company boosted exponentially from $6 billion in October 2021 to $11 billion in January 2022. 

The company had efficiently surpassed its competitor Fast, which had raised about $120 million from partners and investment from Stripe. However, it imploded early on in April.

While having an amazing background, Bolt has been challenged recently with a lawsuit from one of their major customers. There are reports of a downshift in revenue and customer growth.

On the other hand, the CEO reported that the company has approximately 13.8 million shopper accounts, with 131% year-over-year growth. It was also said that the platform has around 836 active merchant accounts across many industries. Overall, Bolt is keeping some rough shake-ups but is still an intriguing booming eCommerce startup to look forward to. 

9. Delivery – Delivery Fulfillment Platform

Delivery - Delivery Fulfillment Platform

Deliverr is a Californian-based eCommerce fulfilment startup that has discovered itself in the limelight for success. Recently, news arrived that Shopify will acquire Deliverr for about $2.1 billion in cash and stock. 

This deal is the biggest in Shopify’s acquisition history. So, what’s next for the future of Delivery? Well, Shopify intends to merge Deliverr with the Shopify Fulfillment Network so merchants can utilize their store inventory and simultaneously fulfil orders. 

The addition of Deliverr into Shopify is said to create a much more durable and stronger platform for merchant inventory management. There will also be a new service undertaking alongside these reports. 

 There will be extended options for shipment, storage, and inventory preparation. Nevertheless, Deliverr is forging an exhilarating future with this new acquisition.  

10. Aloa – Software Development Outsourcing

Aloa - Software Development Outsourcing

A platform built for startup support, Aloa is a forthcoming and growing outsourcing service that lets investors and entrepreneurs connect with talented software developers. 

The platform delivers a convenient, affordable, and reliable way for talent acquisition, something that startups need to ensure their future success. It’s an easy platform for tech startups to use.

Regarding businesses looking for special custom software development projects to fulfil their business requirements, Aloa can be the best place to start looking for employed help.

The platform is looking to meet a certain niche in the software development market and so far has witnessed considerable success in fulfilling the requirements of its partners and clients. 

While there is no information on large investments for the company, it has merit to state that the platform can become an intriguing area for growth in the future.


Startups come in various forms, whether in their markets, victory, growth, or management. Some might be doing better than others or acquire millions of funding, while others might not even see funding. 

All these eCommerce startups have the potential to become something big, and that’s the importance of startups in the current business scenario.

Moreover, to give a boost to your eCommerce startups, launching a referral program would be a great idea. Referral marketing helps you boost brand awareness and acquire new customers.


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