Enterprise Custom Facebook Referral App

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Why you need a custom FB Referral App

By configuring custom Referral facebook App, you will get custom facebook connect popups and self branded Facebook feed. You will also get in depth analytics of how your program is performing on social graph. Here is a sample custom facebook connect view.

Facebook Referral App

Steps To create custom tagNpin Referral FB App

1. Register your Facebook App

2. Configuring your App Settings

3. App Details – logos and description.

4. Configure tagNpin with Custom app

1. Register your App

Goto : and Click on Create New App button on the right.

Regester app

Please note you must have verified your Facebook account to create apps on Facebook. Click here for more information on verifying your account.

A Dialog Box will pop up. It will ask you three things :

App Name : Your Application Name ( It can be anything)

App Namespace : It is used for defining the URL for Facebook App. It must be unique. For example, If your namespace is tagnpinrefapp” , then your Facebook App URL will look like this:

Web Hosting: leave it unselected.

2. Configuring your App

Now, Facebook will generate your unique APP ID and APP SECRET which you would add to tagNpin admin panel.  Once you’ve created a Facebook app, select the “App on Facebook” section and specify a Canvas and Secure Canvas URL:

Fields which are necessary to make your app work :

(i) App Domains: enter ““.

Sandbox Mode:

(ii) Website with Facebook Login: Enter your site url. ““.

(iii) App on Facebook : In this , there are two things,

Canvas URL: enter Replace yourBrandID with your tagNpin brandID. Click here to find your brandID.

Secure Canvas URL: enter Replace yourBrandID with your tagNpin brandID. Click here to find your brandID.

Example :

Canvas Width:
Canvas Height:

(iV) CLick Save changes.

3. App Details

(i) Enter your basic App details as shown below

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.12 AM

 (ii) Upload your brand logo’s as shown below.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.28 AM

Save changes.

4. Configure tagNpin

Enter the AppID and AppSecret of the facebook app here and update.

Your Facebook Referral app is now configured.



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