What's a Customer Referral Program?

Your customer likes your mobile application and invites his friends to check out the same. His friends accept the invitation and you get new mobile app installs. InviteReferrals software tracks each referral install or sale to reward the referrer.

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How It Works



Customer shares about your mobile application from multiple referral options



New customer (friend) clicks on the shared link from any platform



New customer is taken to the app store from where he can install the app



Reward is dispatched automatically to the customer for referring his friend (new customer)

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Built for marketers

Quick setup no sdk / coding, complete strategy and implementation


Powerful Analytics

Get detailed customer referral program analytics, track data to individual customer level


Custom UI

Fully customizable email templates, campaign views, and referral invite content (for each referral channel) through WYSIWYG editor.


Multiple Referral options

Select from multiple customer referral options including facebook share, twitter, email, google+, linkedin, facebook notifications etc.


Full Automation

Automated referral tracking, email notifications including enrollment and rewards. Easily manage coupon codes. Filter and search through installs, referrals and referrers


Multiple Language

InviteReferrals is available in 20+ languages including swedish, russian, romanian, polish, latvian, latin, korea, greek, french, finnish, dutch, danish, arabic, italy, german, spanish, portuguese, thai, hebrew.

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