InviteReferrals Vs Referral Rock

FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
Dedicated Account Manager per ClientOnly available in enterprise
Feedback Managementreferralrock
Contact Priority Support

Customer Support

“You matter to us the most”

Need help with the integration? Confused with the working of referral software? We are here for you handing out the helping hand to you at any time of the day. You can connect us over the emails, Skype, Live chats or any which way you like to. We never let you feel left out.

Referral Program Analytics

You should run a referral program by keeping an eye on the user’s behavior. The clicks you are getting or the shares your referral program is getting all that matters to make a referral program a success. Thus, analytics is very necessary to make a referral program a success.

FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
Journey Based Analytics
Campaign Analytics
Captures top Referrers
Unique Referrer Profile Viewer
CSR Dashboard
FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
Easy Participants Import
Custom Widgets
Widgets Preview
White Label
CSV Order Approval

Referral Campaigns

“The one who keeps the prices high are not always premium”

A referral campaign should always be cost effective and should be easy to launch and work on. InviteReferrals provide you interactive tools to manage the campaign and run effectively.

Program Specific Integration

“The automated workflow by the developer’s API”

We provide interactive features and integrations over various platforms. All the manual work gets a lot easier by adding in the various API’s. Enjoy the hassle-free and automated workflow of the referral programs. 

FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
REST API’s & Postbacks in all Plan
Custom Integration in All Plans
I-Frame campaign
Leave Intent widget
Time Delay Referral widget
Slider Widget
FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
CSV order Approval
Referral List
Import/Export Participants

Referral List Import

“Gathering participants is no difficult task.”

Import the list of the participants to enroll them in the referral campaign. The simple file export features of the referral list lessen your work to collect and combine the list of different individuals/customers. The export of lists is just one click away via CSV.

Reward Distribution

“Shower your customers with customized rewards.”

Referral Marketing is known for the rewards and incentives distribution to your customers. The success of your referral program depends on the rewards that you offer your customers. Thus, giving out customize rewards according to their preference is the priority of yours, and your priority is ours.

FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
Loyalty Programs
Customized Reward Distribution
Tier Reward Management
Incentive Refund Policy
FeaturesInviteReferralsReferral Rock
Reminder Email
Unlimited Email Notification
Customize Reports

Emails & Notifications

“Sending emails to customers is a good practice”

If someone has enrolled to your referral program, they must be kept informed of every step of the campaign. Thus, sending your customers regular emails and notifications is a necessity.