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Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Set up queries
1. Widget not working / integration check list?
2. How to remove / change campaign expiry date?
3. How to customize widget views?
4. How to customize invite text / emails / facebook feed /tweet text ?
5. How to disable specific emails like Enrollment email ?
6. How to configure url rules to display referral widget on specific pages?
7. Can I add delay after which referral popup would appear on page load?
8. Can I limit the number of time referral popup displays in user session?
9. How to change left half campaign view image?
10. what are different referral options available?
11. Can I duplicate my existing campaign?
12. What coupon types can I add?
13. Can I delete the unique coupon codes uploaded in set rewards section?
14. Difference between Conversion type (Campaign referrer Vs Specific conversion page)?
15. How to Pass email or orderid for conversion tracking?
16. How to enable conversion tracking for variable conversion/checkout page?
17. Checklist to debug goal conversion tracking error?
18. Enroll user on referral program when he registers on my site? (Enable Single Sign on)
19. How to pass unique landing page dynamically for each referrer in javascript API?
20. Can I map Referral campaign customer to my user in my database?
21. How Can I show Winners tickr?
22. How to edit referral notification on landing page?
23. How to change existing campaign type between (Top referrer/ goal based / instant gratification)?

General queries
1. How to change basic settings like currency/language?
2. How to do testing?
3. Can I export data?
4. What Analytics are available?
5. How to search any customer's referral profile stats?
6. How to Configure Email settings - sendername/replyto etc?
7. Can I Integrate with mandrill or Amazon SES?
8. Change frequency of receiving statistics notifications - daily or weekly?
9. What are different subscription plans?
10. What is my brandID/SecretKey?
11. How to manage incentives manually?
12. How to upgrade/downgrade from one paid plan to another paid plan?
13. How to edit referral link subdomain?
14. How to integrate referral campaign with mobile application?

Facebook related queries
1. What facebook referral option drives maximum referrals?
2. Why is facebook referral feed not getting updated when I edit it in campaign?
3. How to customize Facebook connect / Facebook Notification Invite?
4. How to launch facebook timeline referral app?
5. Can I have separate facebook app for each campaign?
6. How customize Fangate image of facebook timeline referral app?
7. Can Referral campaign be used to increase facebook fanpage likes?
8. why Facebook connect for referral enrollment not working?
9. how to change campaign on facebook timeline referral application?

Advanced queries
1. How to trigger invitereferrals widget manually / action driven?