Amazing Advertising Techniques To Promote Your Products In A Better Way

Amazing Advertising Techniques To Promote Your Products In A Better Way

Today, the world has become fast-paced like never before; therefore, advertisers need to race to keep up with consumer behavior and trends and upgrade their advertising techniques.

A study by the Technical University of Denmark suggests that the last collective attention span has drastically reduced in the last few years due to digital information overload. Therefore, more and more consumers are becoming immune to ads.

Now, crafty designs or short videos usually prove to sell better than the conventional 30-second ads. Marketers count on several tactics to increase advertising effectiveness. Most of them are related to ads’ emotional appeal, whether we talk about color and cognitive psychology or body language.  While using particular visual advertising techniques, designers consolidate various elements to achieve results that are pleasant to the eye and engaging to target audiences.

Here are some effective advertising techniques to help you out:

Typographic Composition

Typography is an indispensable part of both advertising and design. 

Fonts have the ability to influence how your audience sees a message, as they can further represent information and make visual storytelling more compelling.

While designing an ad, consider how you can pair fonts, and don’t forget to make sure that both styles are in complete balance and complement the ad’s colour palette. 

Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology

There is no secret that colour psychology is one of the most simple and effective advertising techniques.

Colour psychology examines the impact of colours upon human behaviour, decision-making, and, finally, purchase. 

Colour schemes can send powerful messages without the use of too many words, as they set the tone of everything that follows.

In color psychology, each shade has a different meaning. For instance, black is used to make a product look classy and luxurious. White can signify minimalism, and yellow is a universal, accessible color that brings contrast to visuals.

Whether you prefer to work with complementary colors or use a single tone, bright, striking shades can stop potential customers from scrolling. Some brands use earth tones and natural elements to promote their latest products.


It is one of the most popular advertising techniques. Popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are stuffed with sponsored posts. Since potential customers are already engaging in different social activities, slipping your products and deals in their newsfeed is not a bad idea.

While there are several techniques that you can utilize to make your ads stand out, minimalism is one great visual style to get your products noticed, plus it suits the platform’s layout.

Placing your products front and center, on a white or neutral background, in a carousel ad can do the trick, not to mention the fact that you can support more than one product with a single ad.

Body Language

Body Language

Sometimes, instead of practising text to convey the message, advertising works more with body language, a nonverbal communication form. By using this approach, your ad can express emotions through a person’s posture, body movement, or any other form of facial expression.

A subcategory of the body language method is gaze induction. It means that the person who starred in the ad (usually a celebrity in a perfume or luxury brand watch ad) will not be staring directly at the viewer, creating a sense of mystery.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional Appeal

It’s safe to assume that emotionally charged ads can go directly to your audience’s heart, as the emotional appeal method has proved to be one of the most effective approaches in advertising. 

Advertisements that elicit human emotions, such as happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, or disgust, create engaging experiences for consumers.

With the use of association and relationships, promoters drive potential customers to take particular actions.

There are several things to take into consideration while designing emotional ads. The most important aspect is to do your research well to have a fair understanding of your target audience and their perceptions. For instance,

BURIBA., a Branding & Advertising Agency, launched an Instagram puzzle game on International Women’s Day to encourage diverse beauty standards and empower women.


As one of the most influential modern advertising techniques, the bandwagon effect can tap into what your audience wants, using emotional cues to let people act quickly when buying something. 

One strategy is to advertise that you have a series of limited products that your audience must buy right away. 

In other words, this ad method relies on FOMO, also known as the fear of missing out. 

Amazon is the ultimate testimonial for the Bandwagon approach, as they go the extra mile to meet potential customers who have similar requirements with their listings.

Plus, the online retail giant sets confined timeframes for sales and enables people to put themselves on waitlists for high-demand products. 


It is another visual advertising technique that relies on the use of symbols in the promotion and is quite similar to what we explained above. Symbolism employs dramatic visuals, metaphors, or similarities to entice attention and interest towards a product. 

For example, Heinz, where the ketchup bottle took the shape of sliced tomatoes, added a catchphrase to exhibit the product’s quality.

Gestalt Principles

This principle is as German as it gets—everything has to move smoothly, and all elements have to be precisely positioned in design.

The Gestalt Principles are a set of laws explaining how the human brain works and how we observe the world from a design perspective, encouraging visual content makers to build more engaging experiences. 

The Golden Ratio

Designers need to note that this is the mathematical ratio found everywhere in nature and used in the design; it generates perfect compositions that are powerful and remarkably pleasing to the eye. 

The Fibonacci numbers can be utilized as an advertising technique as well. Potential clients are more likely to see ads with an airy approach method. 

Ultimately, the approach is that all ads should stand on balanced elements, and most importantly, have a similar focal point. Keep the Golden Ratio in mind while drafting the actual design, and you’ll influence potential customers in no time. 

The Focal Point

Among the methods of visualization in advertising, there is the focal point method.

Although this principle is also part of the Golden Ration strategy, it’s just as essential as choosing colors or fonts. The ad sets the scene through this method and forms a distinctive spot for the audience to look at.



 Once again, appealing to human psychology, this method utilizes images to form a whole chain of ideas and thoughts behind a design.

One luxurious item, like a costly watch, can make people think they have a luxurious life, and on the same note, some brands are connected with a particular lifestyle.

For example, Evian used this principle to infer that their water is safe for toddlers.


The visual ad technique takes us straight to this one. Some brands use celebrities for promoting their products because they carry a remarkable influence over their audience. 

Customers want to use the same perfume as their favorite celebrity. Women are more inclined to buy makeup products used by a personality they’re influenced by. Active people desire to work out in the same type of shoes as their favorite basketball player, and the list goes on. Matthew McConaughey grew sales for Lincoln so that this method can be effective for luxury brands. 

And since we mentioned makeup products, one example is Rita Ora being the face for Rimmel London. The beauty company teamed up with her and launched a line of signature products, such as lipsticks and nail polish. 


Among the different advertising methods, this one always works when you require your audience to feel connected to your brand.

Photos and videos from behind the scenes will make your customers recognize the hard work that went behind a campaign. 


Another advertising technique is the use of fantasy. Connecting the advertised product and a fantastic visual element never ceases to spark the audience’s imagination. 

Facts and Statistics

Facts and Statistics

The usage of facts and statistics is a common technique used in promotion.

They can be effective by calling out the rational part of the human brain. This technique comes in handy for selling cosmetics or house cleaning products.


Despite the constant change in digital advertising, these strategies and advertising techniques are likely to be just as effective in the future.

As long as you stay fully aware of your target audience, identifying the best techniques to draw their attention should be an achievable goal. Never stop exploring with different methods, and make sure to do your best to keep potential customers intrigued by the products you’re promoting.



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