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Is tagNpin available in multiple languages?

Yes tagNpin is available in multiple languages. You can contact us on alliances@tagnpin.com, if you would like to use tagNpin program in your regional language.

What is tagNpin?

tagNpin is simplest to launch Referral and incentive program.

How does tagNpin work for Ecommerce sites?

tagNpin installs a Referral tab on facebook fan page. Users earn points for successful referrals, social actions, likes, comments, share, and inviting friends.

Referral program can be integrated into the ecommerce site with our third party plugins or with few lines of javascript code.

Customers can burn the points earned through referral to get discount coupons

Do I need technical help to install tagNpin page tab on facebook page?

You don't need any technical know how for that. You can do it within seconds through our plugins. Everything is configurable by admin panel no coding required.

How do I define the Referral logic?

You can easily configure program and define the offers, points logic, products, or coupons through simple tagNpin dashboard.

Is tagNpin white label?

tagNpin acts as a white label program. You can easily customize referral program through the admin panel. User is never disengaged from the brand ecosystem

Can tagNpin work with my existing coupon system?

tagNpin allows you to import your own system generated coupons to work seamlessly with your existing system.

Can tagNpin help in customer fragmentation and marketing?

tagNpin allows brands to run campaigns based on comprehensive analytics and filtered by points, time, frequency or recency.

Can tagNpin misuse customer data?

tagNpin uses only publically available data which user has consented to be used according to facebook policy. Your customer data is not shared with anyone. Brands have permissions to view and export statistics of their own customers.

How can coupon code misuse be prevented?

You can prevent coupon misuse by setting an expiry date for your discount coupons. You can then periodically change the coupon codes that are used in your campaigns. Discount coupon amounts should also be set in a way that you still benefit from every purchase made.

If your e-commerce platform supports it, you can also prevent coupon misuse by limiting the use of referral coupons to new customers only. This can be done by checking the email address of the customer against your database of past customers. If it happens to be an existing customer, display a message on the checkout screen indicating that the referral coupon only applies to new customers and that a smaller discount amount will be applied instead.

This usage restriction should also be stated clearly in the referral invite emails and landing pages that customers and their friends see so that they are not surprised by it during checkout.

Are successful referrals detected automatically?

Yes, once set up, the tagNpin app monitors and detects successful referrals automatically.

Each customer's referral dashboard contains a unique referral link that they can share with their friends. This link, combined with the javascript tracking code placed on brand purchase Thank you page, enables the tracking of successful referrals.

Is tagNpin free?

tagNpin has a 1 month FREE trial plan suitable for evaluating the our product

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